August 10, 2012

My (Not So) Secret Sex Wardrobe

Even though it was a short work week here, I can say I am so glad Friday has arrived and the weekend can begin. There are a few things I definitely want to get caught up on this weekend, most of which involve getting sweaty, busy and thoroughly laid. All I need to do is find a willing participant in my naughty scheme … but I don’t think it will be that difficult.

Earlier this week, I wrote about how my black stiletto heels go a long way in guaranteeing on a hot date, things will end with me in just those shoes. It’s not that much of a secret that a great pair of sexy heels and the perfect sexy dress or skirt are among the best weapons we can employ when it comes to securing a partner for some mattress dancing. It’s a bit of fun we like to have as women; working what we can and what we know will get guys attention.

It’s also something I have to keep in mind when I set to work on creating some new updates for my website – what ideas will attract the greatest number of viewers. I recognize there are many fetishes out there, but some tend to be more mainstream – such as high heels. It’s common knowledge that a pair of heels make a woman’s legs look better … and when there is so much competition online for the naughty bits, I gotta do what I can to keep as many of you cumming back.

Anyway, the few comments I made about my penchant for sex-specific shoes in my previous blogs led to a bit of a discussion with a friend who was intrigued, and subsequently asked if I had a secret wardrobe just for my own sexual fun.

Realistically, no. Other secrets, maybe ...

The wardrobe I wear to raise the temperature at home tends not to be what you would expect. As someone who already has posed for hundreds of photos in an assortment of lingerie, ranging from the sweet and innocent to the somewhat kinky, dressing in a stereotypical “let me slip into something more comfortable” fashion isn’t a big thing. And while I know what my husband likes to see me in, for whatever reason exists, these days we just don’t put a major effort into the seduction process behind closed doors.

But, before you begin to feel sorry for me, let me also add that my husband is pretty clear as to what his particular thing is these days; and I certainly don’t complain. He would rather see me dressed up in something suitable for work, as opposed to cheesy boudoir feather boas and feather-adorned mules. The particular kink that plays out in this, is that knowing I feel sexy – in a public setting – and that I get to enjoy the attention and flirtatious nature of the men around me, my libido (and his) is just that much hotter.

It’s one thing to play the naughty secret fantasy online through all the photos, but it’s more personally rewarding to feel good about my looks, catch the glances of my male coworkers and playful innuendo, and bring that back home.

So, do I really have a secret wardrobe for my own sexual fun … yes, but it’s only a thinly disguised secret in that all those dresses and miniskirts for work usually get me laid at home.
Andee     xoxo

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