July 24, 2012

TMI Tuesday | Let's Go To Bed

Although this week's dish into my personal life isn't as sexy and revealing as others, it is kind of appropriate because I spent a lot of time in my bed this past weekend ... and I can guarantee I wasn't sleeping.

Like many people, my bedroom isn't just a place for me to lay my head and sleep. It is where a lot of my sexual fantasies are born, and where some are fulfilled. It's home to my sexual adventure and where I can enjoy my freedom. My bed is my haven for orgasmic delight, but most importantly it is the theme of this week’s TMI Tuesday.

1. What size (King, queen, full, twin)?
Currently I get my beauty sleep and repeatedly screwed by my husband in a Queen size.

2. What mattress construction (conventional springs, air bed, water bed, Tempurpedic)?
Presently, my mattress is a very traditional spring-type. Although high on my list of bedroom improvements is a pillow-top. When I first married my husband he had this horrible futon that was harder than concrete. As soon as we were able, we purchased a proper bedroom set - which continues to serve our needs today.

3. What type furniture (just a frame, headboard/footboard, canopy, trundle, etc)? Describe.
I could try to explain what my bed looks like, or I could insert a sexy pic of me on my bed. And, perhaps you'll also forgive my a tiny bit of blatant self-promotion when I say you can find out all the really naughty stuff that goes on with me and my bed by visiting my website.

4. If your bed has headboard/footboard/bedposts, have you ever been tied to them? Ever tied anyone to them? For what purpose?
Oh where to begin ... without sounding like I have only recently discovered my inner submissive after reading some poorly written mommy porn that has dominated the headlines of late.

I have been tied to my bedposts on several occasions - long before the idea became the crux of a popular book series - and pretty much always for the same purpose: sexual excitement and light bondage play. In fact, I still have my wrist restraints tucked away behind the headboard so that we don't have to re-tie them on every time we feel a little playful.

5. What kind of sheets (cotton, linen, silk, flannel)?
Pretty much exclusive with the cotton...it would be great to say I have these magnificent satin sheets, or silk sheets, but the reality is I'm not one to invest an awful lot of money on those things. Not to mention, with the amount of between the sheets fun I like to have, frequent laundering of delicate fabrics wouldn't hold up.

6. What kind of blankets (cotton, wool, thermal, electric)?
When the winter settles in, I have a nice thick cotton blanket to provide some of the required warmth ... the heat comes from having a blanket big enough to cover two.

7. What’s on top (bedspread, duvet,…)?
Depends, once again in the chilly Canadian winter I use a goose-down duvet. But since I do not have a very fancy duvet cover, usually one of a number of different handmade quilts.

8. What kind of pillow (down, foam, fiberfill)?
I have a goose-down pillow that is actually a recycled pillow from my husband; who could not get a good night's sleep with it. It is also especially handy in a pillow fight as it has some decent heft to it.

Bonus: Fill in the blank and answer question.
If certain Office Guys come over, will you let them fuck you on your bed? Yes or no.
Most definitely, but only if they are doing me ... and hubby is holding the camera.
Andee     xoxo 


Jack and Jill said...

We've got a pillow-top and it's incredible. It may be the greatest thing we own. Like your husband, when Jill and I met I had a horrible futon as well. It wasn't much for sleeping on, but we had some great sex on it.

Loved your bonus answer, especially the clarification "only if they are doing me". I almost answered similarly ("I don't get fucked; I'm the one who does the fucking") but decided to make a dig at a certain moronic U.S. politician instead.


BiLikesSciFi said...

I agree, keeping the restraints on the bed is so much easier than removing & replacing each time. Plus it keeps things spontaneous!

I love cotton. I've never tried satin or silk, but I bet it'd feel amazing.