June 4, 2012

Introducing Fifty Shades Into My Adventure

Like so many other women, I read the Fifty Shades of Grey books. I wanted to know what the hubbub was all about, and my ever-thoughtful husband made sure I got the chance.

I mentioned in a previous blog about how I'm not really the one to get into the literary criticism over E.L. James trilogy, suffice to say the Fifty Shades series did enough to make me curious about a few new things about bondage, domination and submission. Of course, in her books she tries to get into the lifestyle an awful lot deeper. I'm not sure how accurate the concept is - and that's better left for those who live it to debate.

For me, reading the books made me curious about exploring a little deeper with the idea of surrendering control completely - or at least being unable to stop/direct/etc. - as certain parts of the sexual encounter develop. I have dabbled with light bondage before, but never to the degree of my most recent experience.

On Friday, I had been enjoying some mid-afternoon electronic amusement with my husband. We like to tease each other with our texting, almost using it as a little psychological foreplay to help the day pass and build some anticipation for a night without plans that involve baseball diamonds, hockey arenas, military bases or wannabe rock stars. You would be surprised just how much sexual tension you can create just with a little innuendo and suggestive typing.

With me having just finished the Fifty Shades series, my husband knew there was a new topic of sexual intrigue. So, the topic turned to the idea of being bond and teased. Naturally, I was playing back ... and getting quite turned on by the whole idea. Little did I know what I was really doing was setting the stage for my own surprising Friday night.

First came the ankle cuffs ... nothing outrageous, given that we had just bought a new pair of wrist cuffs from our newest favourite online store - Eden Fantasys. Then he showed me the newest idea he had in mind. I had let him tie me up before ... not always as spread out as I was on this night, but this was the first time that I had worn an actual dog collar and leash. Budget bondage, he explained, describing his impromptu shopping spree on his way home from work - plotting and scheming over what he was going to do to me that evening.

With me now restrained and blindfolded, my husband began his torment. He started by gently teasing me with a very soft make-up brush, tracing all around my exposed erogenous zones. The sensations of the brush against my nipples and pussy were heightened by the fact I couldn't see where he was going to touch me next.

While he was doing all this, he took my mind to a very erotic place by talking to me in hushed tones about some of my sexual fantasies that I have shared with him. What made it even more delightfully frustrating was how he got into my deepest fantasies and took me there with how he described them back to me. It's even more erotic when you are with someone who really "gets you" ... and I love how my husband gets me.

The sexual torment continued as he began to get even more focused on all the spots that feel so good. As he propped himself up by placing his hand on the mattress directly between my legs, leaving his forearm to rub directly against my wet pussy. All I could do was try to press myself as hard as I could against him.

After spending several minutes torturing me with the brush, he made his way around so that his erection was just slightly above my mouth. He knows that one of my weaknesses is watching a man stroke himself, and I could feel that he was doing that to himself. Then he was in my mouth. Then just as quickly, he was out.

It was absolute torment.

Without knowing what was coming next, I can say if it wasn't for the restraints, I would have come off the mattress! My husband has swapped the soft brush for our mini-hitachi wand ... which was now buzzing delightfully between my legs.

And then as quick as it showed up ... was not buzzing between my legs. He began to use it the same way as the soft brush, tracing my body along all my erogenous zones. I was getting so incredibly turned on, it was beginning to drive me crazy. I was almost in physical pain with the need to cum as he tormented me by taking the wand away from my clit and back to my nipples.

As he tortured me in a number of different places, he was making me tell him the naughtiest things - and agree to do the naughtiest things - until I had to beg him to take it to the next level. Finally, after the most delicious torment in a very long time, he used the vibrating wand to bring me to an explosive orgasm.

So, now, in a way, E.L. James is responsible not only for my increased curiosity in surrendering sexual control - but also for me agreeing to slip on some of those sexy stockings you guys love so much and have me wear them for another sexually tortuous day at work. There might be some very interesting aspects to this submissive thing.
Andee    xoxo


H said...

very hot, having little experience with bondage, actually the thought of it did not turn me on, but recently bondage has been on my mind and what you described is hot, I want experience it... from both the dom and submissive perspectives.

Jack and Jill said...

We've heard a lot of negative criticism about the series, from both bloggers and professional critics. But it sounds like it inspired you, and that's never a bad thing.

Andee said...

@H ... I am much the same. I'm sure that most of my bondage experience would be considered quite vanilla by those who are into the dom/sub lifestyle, but I am certainly enjoying the experimentation.

@Jack and Jill ... I've heard pretty much the same, which is why I have stayed away from the literary side of it. The books are really not very well written, and the premise is outrageously unbelievable, but if you get past all the flaws, the love story within has some merit. I have read way better erotica/romantica, but none seem to have captured the PR tidal wave like this series. I can't say much if it meets the standards of true BDSM lifestylers, but it got me all hot and bothered and willing to be tied up just a little bit more ;-) How can I argue about that?