May 14, 2012

Sex | Bring On The Buzz

I don't think I have ever made it much of a secret that I am a big advocate for introducing sex toys into the bedroom aerobics routine.I'm not overly shy about sharing as much in my day-to-day life either, because there is nothing wrong with a woman who knows what she wants and how to use the appropriate tools to get the job done.

Where a lot of people - OK ... men - get confused is that they think it is about them; that when a woman turns to her battery-operated boyfriend it is a sign of his inability to put a smile on her face in the sack. The reality is, nothing could be further from the truth. Some women just need a little extra help with putting the buzz back between their legs.

The other day, I overheard a conversation where a friend of mine was sharing with another that she was too shy to visit an adult store that recently relocated, renovated and threw up a big splash on the main drag in our town. Instead, she said, she would send her husband in to have a look.

Now, I'm all for involving husbands in the process of my masturbatory satisfaction, but I was disappointed that I still know women who are too reserved to reward themselves with the big "O."

One of the greatest struggles I had after the arrival of the two greatest gifts in my life (my Little Men) was finding that toe-curling, mind-blowing orgasm without a little help. Now, I would never change the trade-off, what the anatomical alteration meant for me was to become adept with sex toys. It also meant an opportunity to open up my mind and explore a wealth of buzzy, spinny, whirly, pulsating things that make me tingle in all the right spots.

And I learned you don't need to put on a big hat and dark sunglasses to get them.

So Much Hotter Online
With so many choices available on the Internet - one need to only Google them - it can be hard to figure out where the best battery-operated bang for your buck can be found. One of the big concerns I have with my own collection of sex toys is buying a quality addition for the tool chest. There is nothing worse than seeing something on a website, dishing out the cash and finding out that it doesn't measure up to the expectations when put into practical use.

The thing is: when you have a naughty little hobby like mine, you tend to do a lot of online shopping. I've bought outfits, shoes, toys from all over the Internet - and learned a few tough lessons along the way. This is where reputation is important - and a company like that will stand behind its products with a commitment to customer satisfaction...and a woman's orgasm!

As I was thinking this over - and I will be honest, there is some incentive in this for me - one of the biggest reasons for me making the leap and joining the community was because of how sex-positive they are. They're not just about flogging sexy toys (unless flogging is one of your kinks!). They have a whole lifestyle-oriented element to their business; a place where you can connect with other sex-oriented bloggers, learn a thing or two about healthy sex choices and get involved in promoting a more sex-positive environment.
And trust me, there's already more than enough judgment in our lives...we don't need anyone interfering with our orgasmic preferences!

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