May 15, 2012

Five Reasons To Be Naked

It’s not every week that the TMI Tuesday blog has a theme that appeals to my imagination – which is OK, because I don’t think that every week has to be something along those lines. There are numerous other writers with some great insight, so there is always something intriguing to read, even if I can’t really make it “all about me!”

Plus, as I was going back over some of my blogs the past couple weeks, I realized that I had been edging closer to being pretty darn serious about life and decided it was time to lighten things up again.

So, while others are digging into the depths of their imaginations on the TMI Tuesday topic presented this week, I have decided to dig into something more revealing on a physical level:

Andee’s Five Reasons To Be Naked!
Despite what you may want to believe about my lifestyle, around my house there are not really too many times I am actually naked other than for my daily shower or some bedroom aerobics (and even then I’m not always ‘naked’). With an active family – and a very suburban reality – it’s not a sexual Shangri la. Being naked for other reasons usually involves a bit of planning and some peace of mind that I won’t be sent scrambling for my bathrobe.

1. Feeding My Kitty
No, I really mean feeding the cats. We have two and every morning they are meowing like crazy for their kibble to be filled and water to be freshened up. The fun thing about doing chores like this one is that when I’m home alone on a day off, I can walk around and do all these things naked. Of course, it helps to know that my kitchen window faces the neighbours – and every now and then I know he’s peeking across.

2. Reading My New Naughty Book
I think some of you have probably noticed that I tend to read an awful lot. And not just trashy women’s magazines either. Sometimes I even read trashy romance novels, trashy fantasy novels and trashy erotica … well, actually most of the erotica isn’t that trashy. But I love camping out on my bed when I’m home alone, snuggled in naked with a steamy story. Being naked leaves me with the opportunity to put myself into a very enraptured mood when the literature gets hot. Some books you can’t put down … some books call for a brief battery-operated time-out.

3. Webcam Wickedness
An extremely rare event in my exceptionally busy life these days, but I admit there are some moments when I still find it exhilarating to sit down in front of my computer wearing nothing by my jewellery.

4. Oh So Steamy
I love summer. I love the summer heat and I love to strip down to nothing when the weather gets steamy. I’ve made a bit of a promise to myself that at some point this summer I will muster the midday bravery and work on not getting tan lines.

5. Pump It, Baby
Also not something that I do exceptionally often – but mostly because we have joined a fitness club as a better means of motivation and they kind of frown on naked workouts. Working out in the buff is very freeing. Removing the restriction of clothing and shoes allows me to focus on my technique and balance more consciously. It also works up a good sweat … and workouts get the blood flowing and the body warmed up. You can see where this is going, right?
Andee     xoxo

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