April 30, 2012

All Wet | Sex In The Water

I can’t say that I’m the most experienced person when it comes to daring sex; and by daring, I mean fun things like sex in public places, or where the risk of getting caught or seen might be high. That’s not to say I wouldn’t enjoy tempting the voyeur gods a little bit more, it just says that there’s a lot left for me to explore.

In one of the past TMI Tuesday blogs I had read, there was something that stood out to me as something to consider for one of my own updates. Maybe not so much as a TMI Tuesday theme, but rather just a thought that would be fun to explore.

The idea centred around whether or not it would be more exciting to have sex in the shower, a pool or a hot tub. Having already accomplished all three of these, my thinking was more along the lines of where could I take the idea next?

Sex in the shower isn’t unheard of in my house. With two Little Men – who are now not so little – there isn’t a great deal of “privacy” when the mood strikes. Let’s be honest, when Mom’s bedroom door is closed and it’s not bedtime yet, chances are something is going on … and they’re old enough to know. Luckily they still look at the whole thing as “icky.” The longer I can keep them innocent, the better.

One thought that has intrigued me for some time, however, is having a shower that is specifically designed for sex. A few years ago my husband spent some time in Las Vegas for work – home to about every twisted thought one can have. The shower in his room is exactly what I have in mind (he took a picture): a seamless glass booth with multiple shower heads. It would be perfect for a great many sexual encounters … and maybe even a great video or two.

Now, with that planned for home renovations, the other water-based sex scene I would love to explore is that of a hotel hot tub. Excuse the reality that the water might not be the sexiest – use your own imagination here – but I love the idea of pushing the limits like that. In my thoughts, there would be only a few adults around, oblivious to what is going on.

Or maybe not …

I think this is something that really captured my curiosity a few years ago when I was away for a conference with a coworker. I blogged about how that weekend was the one that opened my mind to my bisexual side and peaked my interest in wanting to know more.

You can read the bigger details here … but focusing on the hot tub … my friend and I decided to spend a bit of time before the evening’s big event down at the hotel pool. Being away from spouses also meant a little less of the “watchful eye” and freedom to be a little silly, playful and brave. We slipped into our bikinis and headed downstairs.

There hotel was pretty busy, as it was right next door to a major airport. When we got down there, there were a few families in the pool, so we made a b-line for the hot tub. We weren’t in there too long when a couple guys came over and got in as well. Now, this is not like a backyard tub where it’s very cozy so it wasn’t awkward. After a couple minutes, the small talk started in pretty typical fashion: where are from, what are you doing here, etc. She and I were already in a very chatty mood, quietly discussing our bisexual curiosities.

Since hotel hot tubs tend to be noisy, with each question, and the instinct to lean closer in order to hear, eventually the four of us all shuffled closer together. To be clear, nothing was going to happen with these guys other than some fun flirty and a little innuendo. My friend and I had no intention of doing anything involving other men.

The biggest surprise for me though, was as we were sitting, chatting, she and I were very close together. Usually in a hot tub, you kind of have your arms floating out front, playing with the bubbles, that kind of thing. Unexpectedly, I felt her hand on my leg. Having already been delightfully turned on by her (read the original blog) this was a very welcome move. As our conversation continued with the guys – and got particularly more suggestive – her hand moved as well. In a few minutes, she had settled her fingers at the top of my thigh, with her pinky finger stroking me through my bikini.

Now, you have to understand that this was the first time that another woman had ever touched me there in such a sexual fashion. I don’t remember if I gasped, coughed or sputtered, but I do remember the wave of incredible lust that overcame me after it sank in what was happening. And I have no doubt that the guys we were with suspected something.

Regardless, the moment left me with a deeper desire to explore my bisexual thoughts and a huge fantasy for hotel hot tubs.
Andee     xoxo 

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Jessi W. said...

I am convinced hotel hot tubs are the place to let it all loose, and be free to get wild! Loved your insights here.