February 29, 2012

My Sexual Adventure Exposed

One of the things about having a blog like this, and my website, is that I get to explore all the marvelous sexual ideas that go on in my head. I get to choose whether or not they remain fantasies, become realities or simply hold a rank on my sexual bucket list.

But, for all of the great moments my sexual adventure has brought me, for the most part all of it has happened with a heightened level of secrecy. There's so much that we cannot share with family and friends when it comes to that part of our lives; sometimes because of social mores, other times because of personal fear of being judged. I would like to be more open to the people around me about my experiences ... because it's exciting to have someone other than your spouse to share things with and confide in, but I'm just not there yet.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to YOU as a result of your sex writings (e.g., blog, erotica, Southern Charms)?

This is kind of a tough concept for me. Part of me wants to say that how certain members of my immediate family have reacted to my decisions (even though I am an adult and capable of making them for myself) has been "weird." But in the end, I think this particular angle ranks as more "disappointing" than "weird."

And I'm not sure that I can really focus too much on all the creepy things that have happened since I began this adventure. There have been some creepy emails and bizarre requests, but the delete button has never let me down yet.

I guess the most weird thing - but in a very good way - was admitting to my Office Guy that I did these kind of things online. I have never had anyone, other than my husband and immediate family, know about any of this; the blog, the website, the videos. Especially someone who has been both supportive and surprised.

For obvious reasons, it's not a popular subject when I get together with my family, so having someone who is sincerely intrigued and enlightened is a wonderful experience.

One of the biggest hurdles, naturally, was opening up the level of trust. Any time you present yourself in a position of vulnerability, you have pangs of fear over whether or not the other person can hold your trust. And thankfully, blissfully and erotically, I have my Office Guy's trust ... but I also know how much more he would like to be on the inside of my "inner circle." That allows me to be open with him and seek some less-biased advice. Knowing when I want an honest opinion - because as much as I love my husband and I know he loves me, he just can't always be brutal when I need it - having a fresh set of male eyes to provide advice, insight and ideas is very helpful. I won't touch on how erotic and sexually exciting it is, but trust me on that.

So, it is a little weird knowing that every day when I go to work, and I see my Office Guy, I know he has seen me at what could be one of my most vulnerable situations. I've allowed him to see my website, shared dirty thoughts, allowed him to kiss me, touch me ... and I have pleasured myself frequently to the knowledge I have turned him on.

And I think I am counting on a lot more from this ... but all in good time.
Andee     xoxo

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