January 19, 2012

Sex | More Intriguing Places To Get Laid

It seems that my post on Monday about places to have sex produced some intriguing debate. The list, admittedly, was not something that I developed and so there are a number of places that I can think of that did not make the list.

I admit, some of the responses I have gotten are certainly intriguing.

My blogger friend H commented about how he liked the ideas of the office desk, library, hood of a car, in the ocean and doing it on the train tracks ... and threw in his own naughty suggestion of in my panties. Not sure if he meant getting into mine, or he wanted to borrow a pair! ;-)

Lately, I have had a really big fantasy going on for the film noir type of office hook-up. You know, the long trench coat, high heels and stockings kind of thing ... closing the office door and revealing that I have absolutely nothing on except those things.

Have I told how important a healthy imagination can be when it comes to sex?

The one that really got my attention was from one of my friends, who told me about the time she and a boyfriend did it in the ditch that separates the two sides of a major highway not far from where she lives. I can only imagine the sheer thrill of lying in the tall grass, naked, getting it on as cars fly by on either side. Very erotic in an exhibitionist kind of way.

Her advice included parking a good distance from the chosen spot, so that you are not interrupted by a tow truck or police. She didn't mention if that advice came from experience ...

Personally, I have always looked at "planned" sex - places where I want to get laid - as more destinational: the Eiffel Tower, the Great Barrier Reef ... you get the idea. But with some of the suggestions that have come my way, I think I may create my own list. So, feel free to have you input in where I should get laid! Drop me a quick note by email, comment here or hit me up on Twitter.
Andee     xoxo

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H said...

Andee, thanks for the shout out and as far as sex in your panties, definitely getting into yours, I borrow them only if I could personaly take them off of you without using my hands :)

your sexy