January 16, 2012

Sex | 69 Places To Get Laid

Ok, this is kind of lame of me ... I've been so busy studying for a major work-related exam that I haven't felt all that inspired to blog. I know.

Anyway, yesterday while you guys were all tangled up in what happened to Tebow and anticipating the outcomes of the Sunday games, I was surfing and avoiding all adult responsibilities. I found this quirky site filled with all kinds of lists on somewhat nonsensical things in life, but this one I really enjoyed. Well, except for the fact that my life seems somewhat staid compared … as I have only accomplished 15 of what is on this list.

WARNING: Some of these places may be a tad uncomfortable but they’ll be worth it to be able to say you did.

1. On a porch swing. (Back and forth, back and forth.)
2. Inside a cave somewhere. (It’ll be an adventure. But look out for bears.)
3. On his office desk (can you say trench coat and stockings.)
4. On a pool table. (The one you’ve got at home or in the billiards place you frequent despite being frowned upon and possibly even ticketed for public indecency, up to you.)
5. The library. (Remember, shhhh, you have to be quiet.)
6. On top of the washer or dryer… while it’s running. (Mmmm vibrations.)
7. On a rug in front of a fireplace. (Yes, like something out of a Boyz II Men music video.)
8. On a secluded island beach. (This one will cost a bit.)
9. In the backyard under the stars. (On the deck, the grass, a blanket.)
10. In the woods after it rains. (Dampness is nice.)
11. Or just in the rain. (Anywhere, really.)
12. On a motorcycle. (Stopped and parked, obviously. Make sure it wasn’t running recently or you’ll get some nasty exhaust burns.)
13. In a public restroom. (This is a common one, but it’s fun every time.)
14. In an airplane restroom. (If you can do this, why not join the mile high club!)
15. On top of a hill. (You’d have quite the view. And feel like you’re on top of the world.)
16. On a rooftop. (Reindeer aren’t the only ones that can make noises on rooftops.)
17. Under a rainbow. (Go for the gold!)
18. In a hot tub. (Be careful though, water makes things a bit tricky.)
19. On a bail of hay. (Beware of rolling.)
20. In a field full of wildflowers. (Get wild.)
22. On a water bed. (It’s bouncy and fun.)
23. In the car while going through an automated car wash. (Clean your car while getting dirty.)
24. In a hot air balloon. (Talk about being on Cloud 9.)
25. Under the full moon in wet grass. (Either/or would be good but the combination would be stellar — literally.)
26. In an elevator. (It’s risky and you may as well get a rise out of it, ha.)
27. On the bathroom floor. (Preferably not covered in clipped toe nails and balls of hair.)
28. In bed with silk or satin sheets. (Why not pamper yourself?)
29. On a trampoline. (Weeeeeeeeeeeee!)
30. In the garage or the tool shed. (Basically, get dirty in some place dirty.)
31. On a jungle gym at night. (It’s a way to enjoy them in a whole different way than you used to.)
32. On horse-back. (Giddy-up!)
33. In a tent. (Not having a lot of space and being in the wilderness just makes it all that much more exciting.)
34. On an amusement park ride. (Doing some riding on rides sounds about right.)
35. In a sleeping bag. (It’s cozy.)
36. In the car at a drive-in. (Sometimes movies just aren’t that entertaining.)
37. On really plush carpet. (Create some static electricity.)
38. On a picnic table. (Yummy.)
39. On the hood of a car. (Deserted road, empty parking lot, wherever.)
40. Inside a car, in general. (Vroom, vroom!)
41. In a cemetery. (It’s morbid, but at least you know you likely won’t be bothered.)
42. In or on a slide. (Could be uncomfortable though.)
43. In a portapotty. (Not all that different from doing it in a public bathroom. And it’s got a door so it’s almost like a room.)
44. In a stairwell. (School, apartment, work, etc.)
45. In a room filled with candles. (Romantic and mood-setting.)
46. In a bathtub. (Splish, splash.)
47. On a golf course. (Get that hole, er, in one.)
48. In the back of a limo. (Especially good if you’re dressed and feeling all fancy.)
49. In the ocean. (Ride the waves.)
50. Next to a campfire. (Not the only thing getting fired up.)
51. In a treehouse. (Fun times as long as you’re not afraid of heights. And beware of splinters.)
52. On a waterfall. (Don’t be afraid to get wet.)
53. In your office supply room. (So unprofessional, but so hot.)
54. In an alley. (May as well hide under the cover of the alley’s darkness.)
55. On a bed covered in rose petals. (Typical and cliche, but hey, it looks and smells nice.)
56. On a baseball diamond. (Go for that home run!)
57. Off a beaten trail in the woods. (You won’t even notice the mosquito bites.)
58. Underwater. (Slippery when wet, but not impossible.)
59. In a closet at a party. (Coming out of the closet may be a bit awkward but then again, when isn’t it?)
60. On an air mattress. (Try it.)
61. In an abandoned barn wearing nothing but cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. (The reverse cowgirl has never looked so good.)
62. In a hammock. (This requires quite a bit of coordination.)
63. In front of an open window. (Show the world.)
64. In an RV during a road trip. (Road head anyone?)
65. In a Jeep with the doors removed (Badass.)
66. On a gondola as you rise to the top of the mountain. (While reaching another kind of peak.)
67. On train tracks. (Doing it in the path of a fast-moving, heavy chunk of iron is likely painful and definitely a bad idea, but it’ll definitely give you a rush.)
68. On a chair. (Practical, you can find one anywhere.)
69. In a church? (Forgive me Father for I am sinning right now!)

Andee     xoxo


H said...

The office desk, Library, Hood of a car, in the ocean and train track are just hot, can I add item #70 In Andee's panties :)

PS, the office lingerie photo, with the black tie, I absolutely love it, your so damn sexy

Anonymous said...

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