December 5, 2011

Life | Sometimes It Shows Up

You know, it’s kind of funny – in not a “ha ha” way – how some days life shows up and reminds you that you should be living it. I had a whole thought process going this morning on what I was going to write about to start my week off, plugging along nicely with some visions in my mind, when I got a text from my hubby to tell me that someone near and dear to us lost their mother.

Now, I have made the focus of my blog to be about all the great things in life – the naughty thoughts, erotic fantasies, my deepest desires and wildest moments.

As I reflect on how sad our friend will be today and the tears that will certainly be shed, I am turning to my little escape here to remind myself, and maybe a few of you, that our time here is pretty precious. We all-to-often get so caught up in our moments of self-importance and petty jealousies that we forget to live. We lose time that we could have spent pursuing greater adventures by planting our feet firmly on the ground on refusing budge over matters that really only matter to someone else.

Then moments like this arise and we are drawn back to the reality of how fragile life can be.

The thing is: we all reach points in life when we need to go through a little soul-searching and internal house-cleaning. We have to ask ourselves “what is it that holds us back?”

Life seems to be too attached to the pursuit of how others think we should live. Too often we end up with regrets and moments of “I wish I had when I had the chance.”

My past year, as I started a few new things in my life and refreshed my passion for some old ones, has been an exceptional adventure. It has taken some conscious thought to shed some of the hang-ups that have existed, and there are still many to be challenged as I pursue turning some fantasies into realities.

I don’t think I have the perfect answer for me just yet. If I did, my sexual adventure would be complete by now. But, then again, in moments like this I am thankful that I at least have my heels on the highway.
Andee     xoxo

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miles said...

Stay pointing forward with humility and gratitude. That's about all we can do.