October 20, 2011

Showing Some Support...And a Lot of Leg!

I had different blogging plans this morning...so those may appear later this evening, after work. But as I was having my morning coffee, a Twitter friend of mine sent me a note in response to my Thigh High Thursday post today. Over in the U.K., today is National Stockings Day, where women are encouraged to wear stockings to show support for cancer awareness.

Now, as someone who has been personally touched by cancer I could not resist the opportunity to lend a little peek to the cause. Unfortunately, I can't actually participate in the event today as my shift is not suited for something so sexy...sitting in a lab looking like an astronaut just won't get the heart pumping for most of you guys. (Although I am sure it is a fetish somewhere)
Andee     xoxo


Anonymous said...

Ooh baby. Makes me wanna spank that bottom before giving you a good lick. Lovely.

H said...


Andee said...

Thanks so much guys. I always appreciate the compliments...even more when there's some suggestive innuendo! xoxo