October 28, 2011

Fantasy Friday | 'Say It Out Loud'

Hey guys...sorry, it kind of took longer than I anticipated to get things rolling today, but I had a little 'real-life' interlude to manage this afternoon.

Anyway, as promised in my blog from Monday, I have a very intriguing Fantasy Friday today. It's not so much about one of the fantasy moments of making love on a secluded beach as the tide rolls in (that is a real fantasy of mine, by the way). But it touches on a very real erotic experience and exposes some very real erotic thoughts and sexual energy that is really me ... and not just the "Sexy Northern Angel" chick you may have seen online or read about in her blog. Sure, it's founded on fantasy, and a situation that is not likely to occur for reasons other than like to one above (lacking a secluded beach in Canada during Autumn), but these are the raw, hot thoughts to swirl around regularly.

For you guys that love a woman in high heels and stockings, then you have probably shared this very thought. And, for anyone who has had some naughty thoughts about someone other than their spouse ... well, my husband discovered just how powerful and erotic it can be to take my mind down a very vulnerable path and pressed me to expose more than just the delightful excitement between my legs.

I hope you will join me for another hot Fantasy Friday!
Andee     xoxo

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