January 20, 2011

The Adventure Is Back On Track

Damn, it's cold out there this morning! You know, so cold the snow actually 'squeaks' underneath you. Brrr ... hopefully these will be some warmth thoughts for you.

I promised someone special I would write about my weekend and about how much fun I had at our friend's wedding. The bride was a friend I have played baseball with for a few years, and worked with a while back. Now, this isn't really so much about the wedding - because as you must know, most of the good fun happens at the after-parties! LOL

Things started out pretty innocently. I love getting dressed up for things like this, so I wanted to look good. I put on one of my favourite dresses and in the end I opted for a sexy pair of boots. Things are snowy enough here that sky-high stilettos are not the best choice and I didn‘t really find the pair I was looking for.

The evening progressed as it should, with a lovely dinner and the customary speeches by people who should not really give speeches. Tears, laughs, awkward silences ... Come on people, they’ve done this once already and we all know the secrets behind how they met!

When the music started and the drinks had been flowing for a bit, quite a few of us were enjoying this one couple dancing. They were young ... if she was 18 I need new glasses. Anyway, they were obviously enjoying the moment, doing some dirty dancing, leg humping, crotch grinding stuff most of the night. Completely inappropriate for a wedding, but if you knew my friend, the bride, you would also know that she would find it hilarious.

As the night progressed, and the dancing progressed, I was feeling no pain. My husband was making it difficult to maintain a sense of "prudence" as our "imitations" of this young couple was also - not exactly intentionally - putting me in the right mood for a bit more than just that. By the time the bride and groom were ready to leave, so was I!

One of the other couples invited us back to their place for a few drinks and such. It was still relatively early, so I figured we could go and still get home for a bit of fun myself. On the way over to their house my husband was teasing and tormenting the hell out of me. He “jokingly” reminded me that the last wedding we went to I was ‘commando’ because the dress revealed damn near everything. So, in the spirit of ‘wedding tradition’ I slipped mine off right there in the front seat. And this being January in freakin’ ‘Sno-ronto’ I told him he better keep me all warmed up. By the time we got to our friend's house, I was about as sexually frustrated as one can get.

For the most part, things were pretty typical while we were there ... just sitting and laughing about the young couple on the dance floor, etc. The guys went to play some pool in the basement while my other friend and I stayed in upstairs chatting. At one point she went and got me another drink and when she brought it over to me is when I got the surprise of ... not quite of a lifetime, but damn close.

I was sitting on a stool, they have this kind of "breakfast bar" setup in their house. The kind that divides the room. Earlier she had been sitting in the living room beside her husband on the arm of the chair. What I didn't realize was that from their angle, if I turned a certain way, they could see I was ‘commando.’ She's telling me this as she is standing right in front of me ... leaning in as if she was telling me a secret.

My first reaction - despite what you guys read and think - was total embarrassment. Until I felt her hand on my leg. Now, I've had a few bisexual experiences in my life, but I wasn't expecting this from her. I think my friend sensed my surprise, because she leaned in even more, kind of putting herself in between my knees as I sat on this stool, and put her mouth beside my ear and whispered "It's OK."

Of course, what she didn't know at that moment was I'm thinking, "Damn right it's OK." LOL

She was looking at me, in that close-in way, as if to try to read my mind as her hand gently stroked the inside of my knee - safe but still sexy I‘m sure she was thinking. I was definitely into this, so I tried to return a little of the surprise to her by initiating a kiss. Her lips were wonderful. I had never thought in all the times of playing baseball with her that she had any desires this way. I tend to talk and joke a bit too much sometimes, so I think the other women on my team have an idea that I’m not this naive little thing I try to pretend to be.

Anyway ... as we were kissing, she found that I was quite wet and turned on. Sadly, a quick little touch was about all I seemed to be getting and the rest of the evening proved to be just an incredible sexual frustration for me. When it came time for my husband and I to leave, as she was hugging me goodbye she told me that earlier in the night, her husband first thought I wasn't wearing any panties, and so he tried to sit where he could figure it out. When she was sitting with him, he was getting a clear view and was hard as a rock ...

On the way home I told my husband about what happened while they were downstairs shooting pool. he said "I know..." Apparently he and the other husband were "told" to make themselves scarce.

I've invited them over for this weekend ...


H said...

Like her husband that story made me rock hard. I can't wait to read what happens after they come over..... please tell me you plan to be the aggressor this weekend

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! Hope you have an opportunity to release your frustrations this weekend.