June 9, 2011

In The Mood | Presents Before Sex

Ever have that feeling like you need a vacation from vacation?

Now that life is settling back to normal for me, I’m feeling like I could use another week off. Sadly I am starting a 7-day stretch at work, so it’s going to be payback time for me now. Oh well, until my lottery numbers come up or I start making millions doing homemade porn I guess I’ll have to tough it out.

At least I had one day between coming home and going back to work to adjust. Nothing like spending a bit of time on the patio out back catching some relaxing rays and enjoying a drink or two. Of course, it wasn’t hard to get in the mood once I put some new batteries to use in my bedroom!

And with that fresh in mind, we move onto today's thoughts – a question that one of my online friends asked me quite a while back, but I love these little imagination-helpers...

If you could receive a surprise package right before sex, what would be in it?

Tim McGraw in a tiny little black g-string and his cowboy hat! I know not very likely. But a girl can dream, cant she?

I dont really have a great answer for this. I think you might be hoping that Id say a really sexy piece of lingerie? That would be nicemaybe a little something that I could get all dressed up in for sex (no Princess Leia outfits, please). But most lingerie is designed to set the mood for sex, and not always the kind of thing you want to swing from the rafters in. And then, some is meant to really to enhance the moment. I guess a lot of it will depend on what your particular kink is.

To be honest, I am very spoiled at home and by my fans. Lately you guys have enjoyed quite a few of the sexy outfits that my friend Matt has sent me. And then there are a couple great sex toys from him, oh, and an awesome pair of boots you will see in an upcoming photo set. And before that, another friend of mine sent me one of the biggest dildo’s I have ever ridden. Other guys have sent kinky outfits and costumes … pretty much all of those items have led to some great sex - and hopefully some time spent alone for you ;-)

And of course, my hubby has given me a few different things. Lingerie is always a nice one. But again, sometimes Im feeling a little more randy, and sometimes Im seeking a little old-fashioned romance.

Away from the website in our relationship, we have a little tradition on Christmas Eve where my hubby has a special stocking just for me (no kids, tee hee). In it are usually some very naughty and thought-provoking giftsmost of which leave little to the imagination and everything to the fantasy. Every year he gets me some new lingerie, some hot sex toys and a few other little things to fuel my fantasies. Weve made this a special moment where we can focus on ourselves as a couple with some sexual desires as opposed to two people with every day stresses of careers, family and household.

One of the first gifts he gave me when we were in that pre-sex moment was a vibrator. We had been together as a couple for a while and we have always been very open about exploring our sexuality and been adventurous. Since I had never tried one before, he thought it would be fun to do. He was wrong it was absolutely wild!

One of the big turn-ons for me is that hes not afraid of the whole sex toy thing. I have one male friend who says if his wife was into them, hed be hurt because he sees them as a replacement in their sex life. I like to think of it as a way to keep the whole moment goingor filling some of those fantasies without venturing into real life multiple partners just yet. And trust me, it really fills those fantasies quite well.

Another time, I got some bondage straps. OK as you know, I am into a little kinkiness. And that certainly helped fuel the fire, so to speak. But again, it was something that we had talked about before, and felt comfortable with. Since that time I have learned so much more about the whole thing, and may even write a bit more on that subject when I’m not so tied up!

The most important part of a gift at the right before sex moment, I would say, is to make sure its not something that would offend or intimidate. We had talked a lot about sex toys even tried a few improvisations so, I wasnt thinking Oh, my gawd! I was thinking, Awesome, lets really have some mind-blowing fun.

And besideswhether its before sex, during sex or any other time, tell me that you dont like getting a nice little present too!

So, if it is to be a total surprise, stick with Tim McGraw…and I won’t mind if Faith comes along for the night too!

For those of you who have asked, I do have more on my FAQ.

Andee     xoxo


Anonymous said...

I have always felt that vibrators and toys enhanced rather than threatened the sexual experience... But understanding the male ego, I can see where the threat might be manufactured in the noggin...

As a "visual" male, I have always enjoyed seeing my gal get off with a toy, usually right before I dive in to devour her! :)

Thanks, Andee, and welcome back!


Andee said...

I guess I just don't get it when guys have this sense of intimidation. I've never compared my toys to a real one...they feel so different. Plus, you miss out on a whole bunch of fun when you hang-ups!