June 8, 2011

Back Home | Dirty Mind At Work

Hey everyone! Made it back home, safe and sound ... and anxious for another vacation again, already!

I'm spending some downtime before heading back to work on creating some new and sex-filled blog updates for you ... but only after I spend a few hours with some fresh batteries, followed by a margarita on my deck in the sunshine.

Slip on over tomorrow to get back inside the dirty mind of your not so average girl next door ... or if you're close by, slip on over to my backyard and help me spread some sunscreen on my back!

Andee     xoxo


H said...

glad you made it safe and sound. I can wait to be slip inside your backyard and spread some ... lotion :)

Andee said...

Thanks H ... could have used some help with the ... lotion. I would have asked the neighbour, but I think his hands were already occupied.