April 17, 2011

Wild Water | Orgasmic Bathtub Moments

Since today was a really crappy day - it was snowing of all things - I spent a bit of time cleaning. Of course, that didn't last very long when I discovered this old book we have: 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex by Laura Corn.

I had forgotten about how some of the ideas in the book were an awful lot of fun to put into practice. And yes, I have no problem admitting that we used a book to create some sexy role play moments. Besides, it's also one of my favourite subjects to read about.

Some of the bookmarks are still in place; and that means yours truly has some brand new ideas to share with all you guys!

This one was one of my favourite ideas in the book. And although we did not follow the rules explicitly, I think the idea was to make some effort to have some down and dirty sexual fun.

Dangerous When Wet
It starts with turning the bathroom into a pleasure paradise - candles, romantic music, scented bath oil, warm towels, maybe a little wine of champagne. If beer is your thing, at least take it out of the can for some romance.

You bathe together, except instead of going through the lather and rinse, your partner does that for you. Then, when everyone is clean and duly caressed and horny, have her position herself so that the water flow from the faucet will run right across her pussy ... and then let the water flow. It really helps to use your hands to continue to caress and stroke her, using your fingers to spread her as that warm water create some incredible sensations.

In fact, I often use that to my advantage when I am alone in the bathtub.

Now for some big fun ... straddle her in the tub, with your has-to-be-hard-by-now penis just above her face. Don't let her take you into her mouth, as much as she will want to at this moment. Instead, treat her to a delicious show as you stroke yourself just inches from her view. That warm water will still be pulsing on her little love button ... it's an incredible combination of erotic sensations and visions.

I absolutely love watching my man stroke himself, and any time I am treated to a good show, I always return the favour.

Just don't share this idea with anyone who has a real passion for water conservation!

Andee     xoxo

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Bill P said...

I would bathe with you any day