April 18, 2011

The Sexes | Innocent vs. Wild Child

You know me by now, and my affection for reading those trashy magazines for their silly surveys and advice columns. If nothing else, they give me some good ideas to debate with the voices in my own head.

Like this one that I read recently - why guys prefer innocent girls over wild women.

Now, I like to think I have a responsible balance of both in me. I definitely play the innocent quite well!

The article was written by a man - by-lined just as “Rich” for obvious reasons - who was basically suggesting that men prefer innocent women because of the challenge of turning them into “bad” women. Except for one oversight - once you have accomplished that, where does this new “bad” woman stand in your life? Usually nowhere because she has realized the guy is a dog, or now that she is a “bad” woman, the selection in the dating pool has multiplied 10-fold.

A bit harsh?

Maybe a bit …

I find it funny when conversations head in this direction. I do agree that men like innocent women more so than wild women, but that is because men tend to be control freaks. Meeting a woman that has a great deal of confidence and sexual experience is intimidating on a lot of levels, party because a guy may tend to wonder if they can live up to that “bad” girl’s expectations, and secondly because a “bad” girl may not be so easily drawn in by the typical male bravado. Her outward confidence takes the control out of the equation; which may mean a level playing field for some. And that’s a tough game in dating.

Which is really funny … in a twisted sense.

The guy writing the article said that “bad” women seem promiscuous … hmm … and bad boys don’t? We have a constant bombardment of the whole "bad boy" in pop culture, society, even in the office with the guy who commands a crowd each Monday morning with his tales of wicked weekends. (Some day I would love to burst the bubble with a little story-telling of my own - and watch the jaws drop!)

The writer went on to say that confident women must have “quiet confidence” as opposed to an obvious “that woman knows her stuff” attitude for fear of gaining a reputation of "being in your face."

Now, I know this morning may seem like I’m bashing a bit … but I am really not. Truth be told, we all play games and make assumptions of other people - in the dating scene, in our marriage, in the office, in our social life. I know I have raised an eyebrow or two, all of which was purely intentional, because I like taking those stereotypes and ripping them apart.

In my everyday life I probably border somewhere between the pretty average house wife / hockey mom and the naughty MILF that knows just a little too much about the kinky side of sex.

And, I might know how to play the innocent librarian … but I also know the section where they stack all the dirty books.

Andee     xoxo

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H said...

Bad is the new good.

I love your badness.