February 12, 2011

The Mane | What Is It About Long Hair

Well guys, I’m away this weekend but I promise I will try to hook up somewhere along the way to keep my 30 Favourites in 30 Days rolling along. Here's Day 14 for you!

And as much as your imagination wants to run wild with the prospect of me being on the town for a couple nights - it is sadly that time of year when more and more of our weekends are consumed by hockey tournaments for my little men.
Day 14 - Is Short Sexy Too?

That said, I’m hoping to get at least one new photo update shot. I’m dying to show off the next stage of my hairstyle. It’s a big departure for me because it is now very short. And it’s also a bit of a challenge for me in terms of how I feel about my looks. I was telling my husband earlier this week about how I have noticed that while I had long hair I would catch men stealing a little glance. Then after I lopped off more than half the length, there weren’t nearly as many glances … now that it is uber short, I’m wondering what the reaction will now be?

Just to ease my esteem a little, the very next day he told that he tried to look at as many women with short hair as he could - just in case they felt the same way. Very funny.

What is it about long hair that attracts a man’s attention so much? Is it because that it is the one (almost) guaranteed way to identify a woman?


miles said...

It is not so much long hair versus short, but about attitude. I think short hair is incredibly attractive if it is carried by the right woman (think Annie Lennox?). Unfortunately too many women who decide to go short do so because they don't want to be bothered by the effort of long hair, and that attitude shines through. This, in turn, gets picked up by men and shapes their expectations. We're not worried about you. Can't wait to see the new coif.

Andee said...

I have to agree...a lot of it becomes a matter of convenience and no longer caring about the impressions we make. It was a major leap for me because I wanted to avoid that. Hopefully it won't be a big disappointment for you guys; but I think it is sexy and hip. New updates coming this week!