January 4, 2011

Lighten It Up With TMI Tuesday

I was re-reading some of my recent entries and think I’m getting a bit too deep for you. I’m sure some of you want to read a little naughty and sexy stuff about me, not my thoughts from the back recesses of my mind. I had a few more of those "random" survey things sent my way in an e-mail a while back, so here's a few of the sexual ones you might be interested in for a TMI Tuesday ;-)

Favourite sex position?
Well, seriously ... do I need to pick just one? Anytime I'm getting some is a favourite position. But if I really need to pick just one, I'll say doggy style 'cause it feels so good and deep. But never the first time with a guy - just one of those things with me.

What turns you on the most?
The first thing I notice about a man that I have just met would be his hands. Then his smile. On a deeper note, I get turned on by a guy who can make me laugh, smile and appreciates my twisted sense of humour. Finally, if he gets the chance to bed me ... those hands better live up to the expectations ;-)

Does size matter?
Sorry, but yes. But maybe not quite like what many guys think. Truth is, while I have never been with a guy with a mammoth monster down there, but too big can be a bad thing. You want something that fits, feels good. BUT having said that, no matter what, the guy NEEDS to know how to use what he has.

Most times in one day?
Six. My partner begged out first.

Most orgasms in one session?
I'm usually good for two, but then after that things tend to get a little numb.

What do you think about during sex?
Depends on the sex and the partner. Mostly I think about the sensations I'm feeling at the moment, and perhaps the events that led up to getting into that position. Rarely does my own mind wander away from what is really going on during sex, but when it does, it‘s usually a pretty normal fantasy.

Ever had a threesome?
No, but I have had a foursome with my husband and another couple.

How often do you masturbate?
Four to five times per week if I'm getting regular sex that week. More if I’m horny. 
Do you like oral?
Yes, I've been told it's one of my better bedroom skills by more than one guy ... and girl. 

What's better, someone you care about or a one night stand?
Sharing a one night stand with someone I care about.



Snake said...

Too deep? WTF? Nothing is too deep . . .

Write what's in your heart and soul . . . Don't hide anything . . . The second you try to please your perceived readership, it becomes superficial . . .

The back recesses? That's where you and I live, and it's you . . . You're deep, so don't hide it . . . You'll never regret speaking from the heart, or the deep recesses . . .

I enjoy your blog, because you speak from the deep recesses . . .

Andee said...

Allegories, metaphors, deep recesses ... you trying to butter me up baby? Thanks for the support. I might just have to hurt my brain for some deep thoughts again tomorrow.

Snake said...

I never butter anyone up baby . . . Speaking from the heart, with no agendas . . . You might get that . . . Keep writing . . . It's good . . . Heart and soul baby . . . Keep it coming . . . Looking forward to tomorrow . . . Ciao!