January 4, 2011

Sex & Sticky Notes

I woke this morning to one of those ‘movie moments.’ My husband had left a note on our bathroom mirror. He’s been known to do some of those things that would get him expelled from his beer league hockey team and this smacked of one. 

And as I’ve dished in earlier blogs, it’s also one of those things that reminds me that karma is on my side these days.

Hubby wants this for his guitar ... as well
I had been telling him about this article in our latest copy of Men’s Health (yes, I read it too). It was an article on how to get your woman in the mood. I often find these articles humorous when they are not supposed to be. But the writer of this one pretty much nailed it in the opening paragraph when he asked the male readers “when was the last time you told your wife she was hot?”

The premise behind the article was called “Rev Up Her Sex Drive.” These days mine has a bit of a twitchy gas pedal. Some suggest that it’s because I’m in the prime years of my sexual health; I just say I’m horny a lot and not about to complain. (Well, frequency could be ramped up a touch.)

"You know what happens when a woman feels sexy? Sex happens," writes author Grant Stoddard.

The past few months I have been a little bolder off-line, discovering a new sense of “me” and a confidence again. I think mostly it’s because my children have grown into a level of independence, which allows me to gain more freedom of my own. And I have found a way to get inside my own thoughts by sharing all these things with you. So while those are my thoughts, this same process has resulted in my husband taking more careful notice of me beyond those moments of lifestyle clubs and hot tub nights with friends. (And I’m positive those moments keep him in the competitive spirit for my attention too!)

So, I just up and asked him - like a little test - “when was the last time you thought I was ‘hot’ … without an agenda?” Surprise to me, he pointed out how, when during a shopping trip for new boots before Christmas he told me in the middle of the store that I was. Foolishly I had forgotten …

So, here was this cute little post-it note on the mirror this morning correcting himself.

I love how he pays attention to the things I say.

What was even more delightful is that he had actually hung a pair of panties and bra on a little suction cup hook. They actually matched. And he knows that both he and I will be thinking about that moment all day long, and going to bed shortly after the children - but not to sleep ;-)

I guess I never intended any of this to be overly Dear Abby-ish, but a hint guys: it works. We know that there are probably dozens of beautiful women that cross your path each day. I know I notice them. But what really triggers that sex drive is knowing that we’re the ones you want at the end of the day, that we catch your eye and hold your heart. 

"Highly sexual women not only are more confident about their sexuality but also engage in situations in which they're more likely to be satisfied," Stoddard quoted from a University of Ottawa study. (Hey, Canadians studying getting it on! Sign me up for the next survey!)

Might just wear those new boots to bed tonight … and ditch the bra and panties early!


CB said...

Awwww! Now that would definitely get Mr. CB laid!!! But dear God, the closest he gets to something like that is,

"You're ass looks awesome in those pants. I don't think I like them."

Yep, you ruined it Mister!!!

Snake said...

A sexy use for Post It notes . . . lol Who'da thought? Wish I'd invented those things . . . I'd have house in London, St. Tropez, Key West, and Bali . . . BTW, nothing gets a person expelled from beer league hockey, except refusing to buy the beer . . .

One more thing . . . Your narrative goes both ways . . . Two sides of the same coin . . . Know what I mean?

Andee said...

@CB ... sometimes they need a sticky note to remind them when they have said just enough! LOL But I'm positive your ass does look awesome in those pants ;-)

@Snake ... you don't need to remind me. I just put the sticky note much lower on the mirror!

Snake said...

LMAO . . . Lower is good . . . Life is full of metaphors and allegories . . . We just have to be open and see them . . .

You're at the game . . . lol

I have no doubt CB has an awesome ass . . .

LIB baby!