December 19, 2010

What's With The Weird Vibe

Things have been kind of weird around here lately. There's a strange vibe in the air, and not the good kind that requires batteries! I don't know if it's because Christmas is just days away and we're all madly trying to get ready (and keep the Santa theme going for the kids while hiding gifts in every nook and cranny) or if there is something just not so festive taking root.

Case in point: I caught my hubby masturbating the other night ... to my videos. Bizarre because he can have the real thing anytime. Now, at the moment it wasn't any big deal. In fact, things went from that to something mutually enjoyable at the moment. But if you were that interested in getting some action, why not just go straight to the girl who is in the videos instead? It struck me as kind of odd as I thought a bit more of it.

His answer was cute, but I'm still trying sincerely digest it - "You're not just my wife, you've always been my fantasy too." Uh huh ...

I know when he reads this in a few short hours or so - cause he always does - things will be even weirder. Maybe I better drag him out boot shopping before he gets to the computer!

Anyone got some thoughts?



H said...

As a man, my perspective is be honored, pleased that he is masturbating to images of you. All men masturbate ...often, sometimes we just need to cum and not necessary want sex.

Would you rather he masturbate to images of ohters?

Your photo of the man and vacuum cleaner has given me a blog idea, can I copy the image and give you credit?

Andee said...

Hey there H ... thanks for the perspective. Why don't we trade - you go ahead with your blogging idea, but I want to talk about my thoughts on your comment here, and give you a return link. Is that like swapping? ;-)

H said...

Deal... I like swapping with you