December 9, 2010

A Tight Situation

Where I catch the train for my commute home they have these guys handing out little daily “magazines” with the latest headlines, a bit of local news and some word puzzles, etc. Each issue also has this section called “Shout Outs” where people can e-mail in some Twitter-like comments, mostly about people they have seen on the train or comment complaints like not giving up a seat for a pregnant woman.

Some of them - well, most of them - read like singles ads: “Saw you on the 5:15 westbound but you were wearing gloves on your cute little hands and I can’t tell if you’re taken.” or “Hot young Cub in search of that red-headed Cougar …” You get the idea. It’s pretty mindless and entertaining reading most of the time.

It’s funny because lately I have been reading to see if there have been any hidden messages about me. My friend that usually rides with me swears that a couple of them MUST be about me (and her too), but I keep telling her she’s off her nut. Maybe because we're constantly giggling like schoolgirls over some of them. She knows a bit more about me than most, is quite familiar with my drooling lust over the occasional Cute Guy, and has been given more than enough hints about my weekend exploits to know my version of suburban living isn’t for everyone. But now, as I reflect on my recent off-kilter state of mind, and given my soul-bearing a bit yesterday, as I sit here alone on the ride home today, I have to admit I am curious. Is it wrong for me to even go there?

But maybe that's a bit too self-absorbed ... can't be about me.

Strangely, as I write this I know it will be seen as slightly confessional … something I wasn’t planning.

Gawd, this social media stuff is making me paranoid!

Tights for my website ...
but for work too?
On another subject, lately there has been a rather funny thread going on in these “shout outs” about women who wear leggings as pants. Now, I know this is a big trend lately - and there are days when I wish I had the confidence to pull it off - but I have to agree with the point that some women confuse these for pants. I mean, they’re not wearing the long, flowy top to cover their butt; they’re wearing them like they would jeans.

My husband’s former assistant used to do that all summer because "shorts" were not allowed at the office ... wear these tight little black tights and I guess you can't wear a little skirt everyday, can you now, showing off your long legs and tight 23-year-old ass? Sorry ... I'm not really a jealous type.

He would come home and tell me about her … sometimes I wondered if he was really looking for an endorsement from me to say it was OK for him to admire her flaunting a camel-toe at work, but I wouldn’t let him off that easy. As I know he also likes to check out my blog, perhaps I’ll add that I wonder how many weeknights this past summer I got laid with her in mind? Hmm, sweetie … ? You told me you weren’t into blonds all that much ;-)

Anyway, as I am pontificating (how’s that for some wordage today) about this legging crisis on the commute, I must say that I am often left with the bewilderment (looked that one up for ya!) that some workplaces allow it to go on. Some of these women look like they just slipped on a pair of opaque pantyhose, some boots and a top before they hit the road for the day. Do guys really … and I mean really … go for that kind of look? Is there something that, maybe, I am missing out on?

LOL … and as I blog here, the woman across the seat just asked if she could read my copy of today’s handout. Maybe there is something about her in these cryptic messages? Wonder if I should ask?

Well, I didn’t intend for this to take a left turn into a slightly negative blog today, so I will leave you with a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head! Today is “hump day” so tomorrow I promise to be a sexy blogger again ... after I have spent the hump part of my day in deep thought!



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H said...

I love that photo of you, your beautiful and I love the hint of see-thru.... mind if I E-lust after you a little :)