December 10, 2010

Let's Pretend

So I promised yesterday that I would try to leave you with something a little more steamy for the weekend. And, who knows, given I have tonight and tomorrow night booked up with some serious couplehood activities, I might just slide my butt in front of the computer and continue my running confession one morning. 

Anyway, hopefully this helps set your weekend in a good direction. This one also goes back a little bit, but it’s something that comes up every now and then when the conversation around here gets naughty. Christmas and Halloween seem to be two of the biggest times of year when I start hearing people talking about “role playing” in the bedroom. Sexy costumes for either season seem to be big sellers of late. 

It hasn’t been all that long since it came up (again) in one of my own personal chats … and yes, I guess in a way I do role-play. Now in my sex life there is no Princess Leia costumes … but there’s usually something. It might be as simple as my husband teasing my brain with chatter about being picked up by some hot guy at a Christmas dance, or just my own imagination taking me somewhere else when I have a moment to myself and my Duracells. Sometimes it is just the thing to get the juices flowing and the imagination into the whole moment. Now, full-on role playing is not something that we do regularly, mostly because we don't always have the time to set the stage for such a thing.  

On top of it, as I have mentioned, one of the drawbacks (but not complaining) to having a personal website is that pretty much every photo and video session is a role-play. But, away from that - and when I can convince him to put the damn camera down, we do have a bit of fun as just a normal, suburban married-to-each-other couple. 

One of the last times we did a little role-playing, our kids were in bed and my husband turned the lights down low and turned off the TV. We just sat on the couch and talked about life in general, pretending we were teenagers and our parents were out for the night. It brought me back to the days when I would be in high school, and boys would be over at my place. It was always an exciting experience, getting into some heavy petting, afraid to get busted if Mom and Dad walked in at a time when the boys hand was up my shirt or down the front of my jeans.

We were really getting into it, just kissing and dry humping. I guess when you're married you really take for granted the idea that your spouse is pretty much a sure thing when it comes to getting laid. What made this so much fun was my husband was acting like a teenage boy, ever-so-slowly pressing his luck to see if he could get his hand under my bra, and then lying kinda half on top, half on the side and slowly undoing my pants. First he would just slip the end of my belt through the loop, and we'd kiss for a bit, and then his hand would undo the belt. After he got that far, we'd move a bit and he would try to unknowingly unbutton my jeans. Then the zipper would come down.  

While he was doing all this, between my moans and thorough pleasure, I would be checking my watch, saying my parents would be home soon. Soon, he had my shirt off, and there I was in my bra, and he was kissing my nipples by lifting up my bra, claiming that way if my parents walked in, I could cover myself partly.  

I can only pretend to be the schoolgirl now

Like it worked. Even in high school, the bra would be off and I would be loving every second of the boy sucking on my nipples. It was even crazier if a boy I liked would come over after school. Those school uniforms buttoned in front, and combined with a front-clasp bra, it was a quick trip around the bases! Plus the kilt pretty much gave them direct access to my sweet spot. 

Back to the story: Soon he had worked my jeans to the point where they needed to come off, so I raised my hips and allowed him to slide them down. Funny how they always managed to catch the sides of my panties and pull them down enough to expose my pussy. As I was lying on the couch on my back, with this "boy" kneeling between my legs, he started to gently stroke the outside of my already very wet pussy.  

Now it was my turn. I reached over and undid his pants and pulled his cock out. I started to stroke it, and as he questioned when my parents would be home, I told him that if he was quick, he could fuck me. Of course, only if he had some protection.

The poor boy had none, but I let him have me anyway. I know I was safe with him this time ... but I can't tell you how many dates went home totally frustrated. I know, sometimes we can be cruel - but in hgh school, I can safely say, I wasn't always such a sure thing ;~)

And, of course, you guys have to know that part of "Andee" is role-play. She is the person I become for the Internet, as weird as that sounds. In real life, the woman behind what you guys see on here is a pretty average working Mom, and a bit of a geek like I wrote the other day. Unless I'm going out for a special night, I'm just an everyday normal person. Wearing frilly lingerie and stilletos for my day job wouldn't get me very far … despite what you are likely thinking, naughty boys! 

Not to mention, people can be so much braver and open online than they would in person. Goodness, I know I'd never admit to half of this if I was just sitting having coffee with you guys! LOL  
PS: Hey everyone, here's a sneak peek at my upcoming new set at Southern Charms

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H said...

I like this post, makes me fantasize about you, lets say I just came of the football field after practive and I walk you home, you live on top of a steep hill, I carry you up the hill, actually you are sitting on my shoulders, for the whole walk were flirting, wondering if your parents are home, I can feel your pussy on my neck, as we get closer we see your mom is home so we......... (great post)