November 16, 2010

Should Couples Share?

Hey everyone, I was thinking that I needed to get a few more words on my blog, so here's one of the better entries from when I kept a journal on my website.

Should couples tell each other their fantasies?

I guess that would depend on the kind of relationship you have. We share a lot, but I have to confess that I don't share everything. There are just some fantasies that I know my hubby wouldn't really get into, and I'm pretty sure he has his - oh hell - I know he has his! LOL But That's not to say that mutually we are the jealous types - but everyone has a few emotional points in their life.

A few years ago, we were really into playing on here and getting a bit carried away. As can happen, we both kinda started doing some of the fun stuff away from each other and we stopped the sharing. I was getting into my own little fanatsy world with some friends in a chat room, having a lot of fun on cam, teasing, tormenting, flirting shamelessly - basically living my own little fantasy where I could find something stimulating and be quite naugthty. Like all things, it led to a point where we stopped playing as a couple...and went downhill from there.

It took a long time to move past the issues that arose from that. And what's really too bad, is that I'm pretty anxious to get back to having some real adult fun and exploring some of that fantasy world together. The feelings that arose were just a moment of feeling left out - and that is more what couples need to consider.

I have some pretty raunchy fantasies that I'd love to share and experience with my hubby...and so bit by bit, we work at being open, suggesting -maybe leaving cryptic clues in my blogs (Hope you're reading honey! LOL) and answering your notes and e-mails together.

Fantasies are very healthy in my opinion. They keep the imagination going, and can add some spice to a relationship. They don't ever have to be real issues in a couple's life together, but what we have found is that whether or not they come true, sometimes just doing the things to even explore them as reality can lead to some really hot and wild times together.

And besides...I learned in kindergarten that sharing is a good thing! LOL

Thanks guys for all your questions, please send me more...anything at all! I love sitting down on days like this and plugging away at them...and often gets me in the mood to do some delightfully naughty things!

So why not include me in some of yours ... stop by my website for some inspiration!

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