November 16, 2010

Andee's New Blog

So, I said to myself the other day, what the heck is a blog? Now keep in mind, outside of what I do for a day job, my technical expertise revolves around replacing the batteries in my delicious vibrating turbo bunny sex toy.

Would anyone read what some twisted, perverted, slightly slutty Canadian housewife has to say? And what kind of things would I say to those who ventured to know a little bit more about me?

Well, I guess if you care to know anything, the easiest thing to do is ask. Isn’t that what a blog should be? Somewhere where I can dish some of the naughty thoughts in my head, while away the moments that I’m not either getting laid, getting paid or getting lost…?

I hope that somewhere out there in this newly discovered site for me, maybe someone may be interested in what I’m sharing.

For those who may be intrigued … I also have a little corner of my own on the internet. Check out more of me at

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