November 17, 2010

Memories of a Masquerade

Andee Antoinette
One of my favourite outfits and recent updates. I love this costume for all it's sexiness, bordering just between "too much" and "not enough" depending on how you like your masquerade parties!
Hubby and I went to a wild and sexy party just before Halloween. When I saw this naughty little get-up, I knew this was the perfect costume for the event. Turned out I wasn't wrong. The night was filled with a sexually charged energy that lasted well into the wee hours - and much longer than my panties stayed on me. Of course, with something this short and revealing, it just added to the whole excitement!

Hope you enjoy this little peek. ! I sure wish I could have included some photos of the party for you, but nights like that tend to be 'camera-free!'


yummy said...

Lovely outfit, no surprise you got lucky - Thank you for the follow Betty x

TopChef said...

how come I never get invites these kind of parties
you're gorgeous babe