November 25, 2010

The Sexy 'Trick'

Hey everyone, I pieced this entry together from a couple different conversations that I've had with some of my sometimes-flustered Office Guys. I'm sure a lot of you have probably even been down this road as well - because fashion is always a great topic among men and women ... and a great way to tease.

What are some of the things/tricks you do to make yourself appear sexy?

I’m not sure I have any real “tricks” that I use. I definitely put a lot of thought into my outfit for the moment, including what I wear underneath that outfit. I think if you feel sexy, that shows to other people. Maybe it’s just a vibe, or look…but I think you can tell.

I suppose the one thing that I do pay a lot of attention to is my hair. My hair is naturally curly, so when I take the time to straighten it and get all made-up, I think that would be my trick. I also spend a bit more time on my make-up, doing it a bit more than what I would for my job, or something like that.

When I’m out, I try to look a little more confident than I really am. In all honesty, despite what you guys see on my website, I’m still a pretty shy person face-to-face. This stuff is my ongoing “coming out” experience; a part of me that most people don’t get to see or know about.

Also, if I’m feeling in the mood, and the night is going well, I guess I flirt a lot, and keep eye contact a little more than I normally would.

What's your favourite ‘come F-me outfit?’

Well, it changes from time to time. Since my husband is the one who actually buys me most of my non-work clothes, so much of it depends on his “fetish” at the time. But I can usually guarantee it involves some sort of skirt.

If I’m feeling like I really need to get laid after a night out, I wear a skirt. That’s the one thing that pretty much always drives my husband crazy. The coup-de-gras is if I put on a pair of boots. Sometimes he’s so easy ;~)

A Sure Thing ... ?
Some of you guys have already seen the one outfit that I really like, and feel very sexy in: the white tank-top & sheer blouse with the black skirt.. I really feel sexy in that set, and it’s one of those that can be either very revealing when I’m in the mood, or a little classy and still sexy when I need to be.

Also, I have a great suede skirt and matching sweater. I don’t think there’s any pics online yet, but I have a pair of boots that goes with it. That really makes me feel sexy. I remember wearing it out one time when I was at a work-related convention. My girlfriends and I were hanging out at the hotel bar, and I was definitely enjoying the attention we were getting. A few of the guys there joined us and we all had a lot of fun (and free drinks for us). By the end of the night, it was just one friend and I left with a bunch of these guys, and the drinks had certainly loosened everyone up. The conversation was very sexual and filled with innuendo – which is also a riot when it doesn’t cross the line.

The comments I got on my outfit, and the boots, and my legs were a real turn on for me. I know that sounds very vain – which really, I’m not at all. But when you’re married and have been with the same guy for 17 years, you really love the feeling of knowing other men still find you attractive.



Anonymous said...

I find you super-sexy and ultra attractive. I especially love to see you in a black mini skirt, stockings, garters and heels.
great blog,

H said...

very hot sexy and seductive

i am starting to lust you :)