November 24, 2010

Can We Be Friends?

I'm sure by now, those of you who follow me on Twitter and check out my little blogs and drivel realize that I read a lot ... and often read a lot of rubbish! LOL

I was sitting in my livingroom after dinner last night reading one of those trashy magazines my hubby bought for me. I think he just likes the little headlines on the cover that suggest ways to light up the bedroom and how to drive him wild with jello, etc. You know the type of magazine I'm talking about.

This one had the results of a recent survey they held for their annual hunt for the hottest men in the United States. I think it might not help that the editor is a guy, but anyway ... The one result I found interesting was that 90 per cent of the guys who responded said they believed men and women could just be friends. I found that interesting, mostly because while I believe that men and women can just be friends, I'm always amused how those friendships in my own life always end up revolving around sex. Maybe not the actual physical act between the guys and I, but the gradual build up to that being a big part of it - from subtle conversation, to flirtation, to the loosely veiled suggestions.

Even recently, a male coworker - who is married to a beautiful woman and has two great kids - began to make more aggressive innuendos. This was someone that I consider a friend on a completely different level. Especially since I know his wife, she knows me, etc.

It makes me wonder if perhaps I send out the wrong message to guys, even in friendship. The fact that I tend to be pretty open about my lifestyle, my antics and the occasion digression involving alcohol, a frat house and video cameras may not help my cause ... OK, just kidding about the frat house part - at least since 1993.

Do men believe that a purely platonic relationship can exist with a woman? Even in moments when both parties become actively involved in committed relationships with others, and eventual marriages? For me, it's quite a curious thought ... but I guess that's mostly because, as mentioned here and previously, I tend to be more of a flirt than I should be.

Is there some truth to the "it's me, not you" syndrome?


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