March 26, 2013

TMI Tuesday | Memorable Moments

I guess a short week calls for a short TMI Tuesday; which is alright with me given how busy my life has been of late. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to having an extra long weekend as Easter arrives.

So, this week we step into some great memories as I get back between the sheets to share:

What are your five (5) most memorable/amazing sexual moments?

I can't say that these are ranked in order of importance ... more like as they popped into my head. There are surely a lot more to share, but these work for today:

1. The time when my husband tortured my imagination and made me confess to my desires for a threesome. It wasn't so much about the topic at hand - although it was the first time while getting laid that I had openly admitted to such thoughts about a very specific person. The sex was hot, hot, hot because of how much freedom it brought to my conscience.
2. The time when my coworker joined me in a hotel room on his lunch break for a sexual rendezvous - while my husband quietly sat in the corner of the room and watched the whole moment unfold. A result of the first point in the blog, but good lord it was so fucking hot knowing I was free to enjoy the moment without guilt - and with a huge kinky edge. I came all over his face in a mind-blowing orgasm. Extremely memorable, to say the least.
3. The first time I explored my bisexual curiosities with another woman. It was long in the making and worth the wait. The only downside is that the occasion to continue that exploration of my sexuality is limited.
4. My first orgasm after the birth of my second child. I can only say how liberating and physically relieving it was to accomplish that after having your ying-yang stitched back together a second time.
5. The first time my husband (boyfriend at the time) brought me to orgasm with his tongue. My first boyfriend led me to believe that oral sex on a woman was one of the most disgusting acts a man had to do in a relationship. I was young, naive and unfortunately believed his nonsense. On my second date with the man who was to become my husband, he showed me exactly what a man can do to a woman with his tongue, and I've never looked back!

BONUS: What is one quality you appreciate in a lover?
That is a tough one because there are many different attributes that I look for, and trying to narrow it down to just one item is a challenge. But, hard pressed to offer up just one, I would say "consideration."
Andee     xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Whew! What a hot trip down memory lane.

So glad you met your husband, the man who showed you how precious it is to devour a woman's nectar.