January 1, 2013

TMI Tuesday | New Year's Sex Games

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope the cloudy heads and churning stomachs aren’t too awful today. I managed to behave myself and kept things to a minimum – well, actually more like a “just about right.”

Anyway, I bet there are more than a few of us trying to lay low today and just enjoy things as yet another year dawns. And how appropriate that it also happens to open on a Too Much Information Tuesday!

This week, we're putting our party hats on thanks to questions submitted by Virtualsin.wordpress.com

1. Have you played strip poker (or strip spin-the-bottle, or similar)? Did nudity result? Were there further developments?
Oh great, let’s start 2013 with the most boring and vanilla answer that one can give ... sadly, I am not a poker player – and therefore no strip poker games. And spin the bottle only ever involved going behind the barn and letting him put a hand up under my t-shirt.

Having bored you with that, I have made it pretty clear to my hubby that I would really love to find a few poker buddies for one of those weekly poker games ... hell, never mind the cards, how about a few buddies just for one of those poke her nights!

2. Have you played a nude party game, such as Naked Twister? Did it lead to anything?
The only nude games I have played have been with my husband – but we certainly did have some naughty fun and excitement with that. These days I have graduated to playing different games, such as flirtatious office and tempt the married man. I find these are really enjoyable, most days!

3. Have you played Truth or Dare that led to nudity, or fondling, or more?
One time ... at band camp ...

Actually, you may recall from way back that I told you about a brief experience I had in college. It wasn’t so much of a Truth or Dare moment, but rather a “prove it” situation. A male friend of my roommate was bragging about his ... um ... masturbatory talents to a female friend and I. We asked him to show us ... she chickened out at the last second, while I got a very found and tasty memory of my college days.

4. Have you attended a party that led to sex with a more or less randomly chosen partner, i.e., swingers-lifestyle party, key party*?
*key party – A couples party where all of the men put their car keys into a bowl or bag and at the end of the party, the women blindly select a set of keys to determine who she goes home with for the rest of the evening for sexual gratification.
Do they actual still have “key parties?” I thought that was more of my parent’s generation of shag-carpet swingers than us more modern folk, with the Internet and all.

Our experience in the lifestyle has been very planned out. And as boring as that may sound, it has been more about finding a couple that we share some chemistry with, as opposed to random encounters with people who just happen to be handy.

5. Have you participated in unexpected co-ed skinny dipping with a group?
Not “unexpected” skinny-dipping so to speak ... but definitely nude group hot tubbing. But even that wasn’t really an unexpected situation. When you have a group of consenting adults, mixed with the right amount of alcohol and sexual suggestion, the swimsuits are going to come off.

Bonus: Do you have a favorite fantasy about a sexy party? Please share.
I love the idea of a sexy masquerade party, where there is a heightened level of anonymity and people are all dressed up. I meet a handsome stranger, who flirts with me incessantly all night. But instead of the traditional unmasking at midnight, he and I slip away from the crowd and find somewhere private. He kisses me, and the sensations of not knowing who he is combined with the tenderness and passion, drive me sexually crazy. We turn up the heat between us with groping and fondling under our clothes; hems get lifted, zippers undone.

Then, still in our masks, he takes me from behind and proceeds to fuck me hard and deep. I try desperately to keep quiet, but the force of his driving deep into me makes it difficult. Then after a few minutes of this, I feel him swell to an incredible hardness and he fills me with his cum. Leaning against me, leaning against the wall, his breathing is quick – almost panting in my ear – as we come down from the moment. After a few minutes, he softly kisses the back of my neck and I can hear him pulling up his zipper. Then he disappears back into the crowd in the party room; leaving me with only the delightful sensation of his cum oozing from between my legs.
Andee    xoxo


AtiyaLuv said...

haha to #3 LOL, use that phrase often!!

Happy TMI Andee
great answers, thanks for sharing

Kelly said...

Ah...band camp. I actually went to band camp. The movie wasn't all that off-base.

Great answers!