December 30, 2012

Some Sexy Renovations Coming in 2013

Well guys, here it is, the dusk of 2012. I've been looking back on the path that I took over the past 12 months; the left turns, the hills and valleys. It's been another crazy ride - and I don't look back with any regret.

I have some great ideas coming to my blog in 2013 - or at least ideas that I think are pretty cool. I might even try my hand at writing a little bit of erotic fiction for you. And, of course, quite a few of your obvious favourites will continue.

Anyway, just a quick thank you for all your virtual companionship in my sexual adventure for this past year. I look forward to flirting, teasing and confessing to you again in the New Year!
Andee     xoxo

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miles said...


It would be good to revitalize the erotic stories site with a new effort. If you post a new story, I'll find some expression to the imagination you make so vivid.

Happy New Year