October 9, 2012

TMI Tuesday | Totally Random Stuff

This past weekend in Canada was Thanksgiving ... and while I started out with good intentions to sit down and put some thoughts to my blog, the call of the turkey was just too tempting. Well, that and a few vodka coolers to help wash all that home cooking down with!

Thankfully ... pun intended ... we have another TMI Tuesday on our hands. I think if it wasn't for the weekly brain joust that these fine folks provide, I would fall even more terribly behind in keeping my naughty thoughts out there for everyone to enjoy.

Anyway, this week it is time to get random again on TMI Tuesday. Why? Because it is fun to know random stuff about each other; it can reveal a lot about our personalities.

1. Tell us about your sluttiest act ever.
Wow ... how to narrow it down. Or even how to define "slutty."

My whole blog is filled with moments of sexual exploration that others might consider slutty. And while all of it has been in the pursuit of adventure and thrill, I think the one act stands out to be what I would have to label as the "sluttiest" ... with explanation.

For me - and my husband - the moment was one of sheer erotic thrill: an afternoon shared with one of my male coworkers; which you have read about a great deal here. Slutty because, despite the obvious consensual nature between my hubby and I - and to some degree my Office Guy - it was still a moment when I used all my sexual charms to seduce a man into cheating on his wife.

2. Have you ever played air-guitar. . .naked?
No, I'm more of an air-drummer ... regardless of what I am wearing "on stage."

3. To what song do you most like to play air-guitar either clothed or naked?
These days my "air-instrument/lip-sync" moments are confined to the pop songs on my iPod ... ranging from classic 80s hair metal to pseudo emo-mall-punk stuff that my youngest son has turned me on to. Although we are going to see Marianas Trench in concert next week.

4. Are you good in bed? Why?
This was a question I delved into a few months back in our of my blog entries. At the time, I said I think this is one of those age-old questions where there might not be a truly definitive answer, but it is something that I truly wonder about ... even more so because of some of the things that have occurred in my sexual adventure.

I'm pretty lucky in that my partner frequently compliments some of the sexual talents I employ in our bedroom sessions (and other places). Apart from the importance of letting your partner know that they are bringing you satisfaction and pleasure, it's also delightfully ego-boosting to hear. Even more so if you ever want the act repeated.

But even with that regular reassurance, it's human nature to wonder about whether or not that is something your partner says because they are your partner, or if you really possess incredible lovemaking skills.

I have long-wondered if I was a good sexual partner, or if my husband was just stroking my ego in return for me stroking his erection. After being with someone for over 20 years, you have already learned a great deal about each other's sexual momentum. You develop a synchronicity and almost subconsciously know what it takes to press the right buttons. 

And as I said back in my original post on this question, I am very lucky to have a husband that has allowed me to open the sexual doors outside of our marriage - with agreeable conditions - in order for me to gain an honest answer. Because I am dying to know if I am as good as he claims I am. 

His answer is shorter and less complicated. He would just say "yes." 

5. What FEELS Sexy to you–tactile sensation? (Leave sight and taste out of this)
I love how hot and soft the skin is on my husbands erection. I love feeling the strength in the muscles as they harden the more I play and stroke it. I love the sense of sexual power that it gives me, and the fulfillment in my own ego that I have the ability to make him get that way with just a simple touch. But since I have to leave sight and taste out of this ... that's pretty much where your imagination will need to remain: with me wrapping my hand around it.

Bonus: Write a six word autobiography.
Sexually adventurous flirtatious girl next door
Andee     xoxo


PaganPrincess said...

There really is something wonderful about holding a cock in your hand.

Jack and Jill said...

I think it's only natural to wonder if we are as good in bed as our partners say we are. It's one thing for someone who loves us, who is devoted to our happiness, to tell us that we are dynamite in the sack. It something else altogether for someone who doesn't know us, who may never see us again, to give us similar encouragement.

Sexy autobiography! It certainly seems to fit.

Anonymous said...

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