September 15, 2012

Now That's Just Weird ...

This started out as an entry for Friday, but quickly turned into a weekend update. I had every intention of sitting down on Thursday night with a nice vodka cooler on ice, baseball game on television, hubby at my side and my laptop firmly planted on my lap. But a few naughty texts and flirty coworkers on both sides of our marriage turned the evening into a rather steamy and erotic affair that end with both us collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed.

So, here I am, quietly tucked away into a corner at work, trying to eke out a few sentences for you between interruptions and actually fulfilling the responsibilities to my paycheque. Seriously people, it’s Friday … can it not wait until Monday?

But that is a good segue into the question that someone recently slipped into my inbox …

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened as a result of your sex writings (e.g., blog, website, Twitter, in person, etc.)?

It’s hard to say if there is anything “weird” that has come from all the craziness … as long as you don’t include all the requests for some of the most bizarre fetishes.

The one that had me really going “Huh?” has been the requests for my panties – but only after I have done some very disgusting things in them. Um … that was a whole new and unexpected introduction to a side of the Internet I had not been aware of. Call me na├»ve, but it left me wondering about some of the strange things in life that turn people on.

I knew about the idea of having sexual souvenirs, and how some men had a thing for worn panties … and that has been something that I recently decided I was ready to explore more openly. But in this case, I’m not really talking about doing “naughty” things in my panties – that part I get. This specific request was about doing things that I have not done since I wore diapers. Definitely way beyond my comfort zone.

But, despite the initial shock, the request also helped me open my mind to a broader understanding of peoples’ fetishes … and in a way, gave me an opportunity to explore some new ones of my own. You quickly learn on the Internet that you are not always alone in some of the ideas that seem delightfully kinky.

Offline, probably the one thing that I don’t consider to be weird, but I certainly understand how many people in committed relationships would wonder about, is how revealing my secret online life to a male friend at work led to an oral-sex filled rendezvous in a hotel while my husband sat in a chair in the corner and watched.

Weird to some people because there is a very prevalent (and normal) perception that marriage has rigid confines … which turn up in some people as “hang ups.” Instead of exploring together and sharing an adventure to see where life can go, they wallow in jealousy and resentment.

I’m not sure there are many husbands that would be willing – and turned on – by the idea of letting their wife explore a new sexual experience so openly. Nor do I know a lot of married women who would actually go through with the opportunity, even though they have a strong sexual desire to try new things.

Among the people that communicate with me online, and the sex-positive community that my blog and website has introduced me to, exploring in such a manner may not seem so unusual. But the reality of my offline life is vastly different – and exceptionally vanilla on the surface.
Andee     xoxo

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Gemma Jones said...

It is easy when you are immersed in 'the lifestyle' both as a real life and online participant to forget that most people really don't get it.

Over time I have found that adults generally seem determined to limit their imagination. This determination is not limited to sex but extends to other parts of life such as fancy dress parties etc. I find myself being the odd one out because I love dressing up for children's parties and making up characters and stories for them on the spot.

If you can't even imagine a cosutme for a party how in the hell would you be able to imagine a decent sexual fantasy?