August 3, 2012

The Best (Sex) Decision I Ever Made

Seriously, I can't say enough about how happy I am to reach the end of the week. This has been another crazy one for me; but given that we're in the middle of prime vacation season, it's no wonder things at work are blowing like a summer thunderstorm.

I have found myself lost in thought about the direction of my sexual adventure. A few things out of my control have slowed some of my plans, while a couple of other discoveries have left me feeling somewhat intrigued. Confusing, yet still quite enjoyable.

My desire is that this summer will bring some new sexual experiences. Although some have left me panting with desire, I remain hopeful some others can still become a reality.

Anyway, when this question was asked by my darling hubby the other day, it gave me the opportunity to slip back into some of the dark corners of my imagination and dig through my past to come up with a good answer for him ... and you.

Which has been the best decision you ever made sexually?

Other than marrying my husband ... I would have to say starting my website. It is definitely one of the most unique decisions I have made in relation to my sex life. It's certainly not something that everyone can say they have done. It has also been a huge motivator for me to discover a much deeper sense of who I am as a sexual person, and opened a lot of doors that have allowed me to do so.

Like most women I know - at least those who have been willing to share - decisions such as losing my virginity were not among the best. Made during the peak of teenage hormones and a desire to be "accepted" among my peers, it wasn't the best of experiences. Frankly, I wish I had waited. I don't necessarily regret that moment, but I was so young and naive ... and it took me a long time to get over some of the emotional residue from that relationship.

My website has allowed me to find my sexual groove with a great deal of openness. It has forced my husband and I to be more creative with our sexual desires, ideas and experiences. Instead of hiding some of our kinks and sexual quirks, we found a way to share them and discuss them ... heck, even videotape some of them. For all the "vanilla" that remains in my real life, the escape into being "Andee" and the freedom that comes with it has become a big key in the success of our marriage.

When you are creating fantasies for other people, it has forces you to not be spectators in life. In a way, it brings a responsibility to open the imaginations of all those people who come along with us in the adventure. I can't tell you how many hours of fun I have had as a result of my site that I may not have had otherwise ... plus where it led in terms of exploring so many of my own fantasies.
Andee     xoxo

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