June 16, 2012

Random Thoughts On A Saturday Morning

I woke up early this morning; a little bit horny and an awful lot frustrated. I think my mind and body is pretty much programmed to wake up at the same time every day now - despite the fact that it's my friggin' day off!

Since I'm not really one to spend the quiet time surfing porn while everyone else sleeps, I thought I would at least try to get something written for you. This past week and a bit has been incredibly crazy between work and home that I barely had time to think.

So, with me being just a little horny and waiting for a better time today to take care of all that, I thought I would go back through a couple of the questions I have been sent, asked, read, etc. to make up for being a little absent this week.

What’s the most unusual item you have used during sex that really turned you on and rocked your world?
I had to really think about this one ... and necessarily to narrow it down! It's not like I have experimented with a huge collection of unusual objects in my life. I was turned on to sex toys shortly after I turned 18, and from there everything was pretty standard in terms of vibrating penis-shaped objects.

But the one thing that stands out as one of the most memorable items was the one that led to me getting my first sex toy. At the time, I was not yet married, but dating the man who would become my husband. We were about 18 months into our relationship when I went to spend the weekend with him at his apartment. He had recently moved away for work, so we were trying to make the long distance thing work. This also meant that most weekends were spent fucking like rabbits because we were so horny from being apart.

On this particular night, I had worn a cute little dress - because if there is one thing about my husband, he love me in a dress. He had bought some wine and prepared a nice meal for us; a very romantic gesture. After dinner, we put in a movie and sat on the couch and finished off the wine, made out and generally just got ourselves worked up into a sexual lather.

I had in mind that I really wanted to leave him with something naughty to think about for the following week when we were apart, so after he had performed oral sex on me I stopped him just before he was going to slip his erect cock into me. I took the empty wine bottle and began to run the open neck along my pussy lips. There was just a dribble left in the bottle, so I tipped it up and let the last taste drip onto me. I asked him to see how that tasted, and he went back to licking me for all he was worth. Then, when he came up for air, I held the bottle against me and began to slide it in.

I proceeded to fuck myself with the empty bottle for a few minutes, then let him lick me once again before he got his chance to slide his erection into my now very wet, very ready pussy.

Afterwards, when we were both completely spent, he told me how much of a huge turn-on it was for him to watch me do that. The next weekend when I came to visit, he told me he could not stop thinking about that night and presented me with a little gift - my first vibrator.

Ever since that time, toys - and the occasional wine bottle - have been a regular part of my sex life.

Have you ever done the "Walk of Shame?"
Not in the same sense as the question implies. I have never had a one-night stand, and the vast majority of my sexual experiences relate to the man I am now with.

That said, even with being married, there are a few occasions that I can recall where I have woken up - now sober - and thought "Holy shit, did I really do what I did last night?" Some of those are confessional things I might have admitted to in a sexual-charged, alcohol-induced wildness ... and others have been sexual experiences that didn't turn out exactly like the fantasy I had in my head, such as our foursome frolicking with another couple.

Not really "walk of shame" events, but definitely "did I really do that?" moments.

What is the one sentence that gives you an immediate ego boost?
This is a bit of a tough one. You get a very ... hmm ... twisted perspective of me on here. I write about the thoughts, ideas and desires I have in my mind; and share some of the experiences along the way. It tends to be very condensed and thought-out. I'm not a vain person in real life, I don't share a lot of information about me in person, and I'm generally shy and reserved until I get to know you.

Having prefaced all that, these days I have been trying very hard to ramp up my wardrobe and look a lot nicer/sexier for work. What really sets my heart fluttering and my pussy tingling is when one of the guys (that I am not married to) says:

"Wow, you look amazing."
Andee     xoxo 

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