June 8, 2012

Actually, I Write A Travel Blog ...

Ever have one of those moments when the dark secrets from the back of the closet sneak out into regular conversation?

At lunch the other day with my Office Guys, I happened to let slip that I write a blog. It was a serious oops moment, as only one of them - as you know - has any clue about my naughty secret. As I heard the words leave my mouth, I was hoping that it would just slide through the conversation without anyone picking up on it.

Well ... you can imagine how that turned out.

So when one of the guys at the table asked me what kind of blogging I did, I needed to cover my tracks pretty quick ... and not choke on my yogurt at the same time.

"I write a travel blog," I replied.

In a way, it's not far from the truth. My blog has always been about my adventures and sharing with you all the crazy thoughts and occasionally wild experiences that I get to enjoy along the path of life. My travels, at least on here, just aren't about the Spring break trip to Disney or a weekend in the Poconos.
Andee     xoxo

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Luna Moon said...

A travel blog? lol

I had something similar happen to me (as I think many of us have!). I was with some co-workers. I had a bit more to drink than usual and I let slip that I had a blog. When asked what I write about, my lame response was that I write about "nothing very exciting."

Ah, well...