May 4, 2012

I'll Be Your Private Dancer

One of the more intriguing questions that I received from one of the guys I chat with online touches a little on seduction and a lot on sexy, which is why I thought it was something I really wanted to put a lot of thought into … and maybe a few “pauses” as well!

One of the things that I think I sometimes forget is the idea of seducing my husband just because he is my husband. We tend to have a fairly active sex life, and certainly share an awful lot of what goes on in our minds, but I can also see how some of the things we do has also taken away some of the fun.

For example, my friend asked me “if you were to perform a sensual, seductive striptease for your husband, what two items would you leave on and why?”

And I kind of sat back for a moment and thought: wow … I don’t think I have ever done that. Ever since we launched my website back in July 2002, lingerie, adult costumes and sexy outfits have always been used strictly as photo shoot props. Our sex life without the camera, for the most part, is about getting naked, getting hot and getting busy. The seduction has been set aside for some of the more special occasions, such as when we go out as a couple, or something a little more psychological like sexting.

After 20 years together, you do find things kind of “comfortable” and so some of those small parts to the art of seduction get set aside. I mean, really … at this point, I’m pretty much a sure thing.

So to think on the idea of getting dressed up and performing a seduction dance for him was something I needed to really think about.

The one thing I can easily say in response to the question is my high heels. My husband has a real big thing for high heels; sexy, slutty shoes that are all business. I know that when I slip on a pair of heels – even if the whole idea behind wearing them at that moment is innocent fashion – I will get an awful lot of attention from him. It’s even more exciting when I know if I wear them to work, for example, he will be thinking about me in them all day. That will turn up the heat on his libido, which means some hot and sexy times when I get home at the end of the day.

It doesn’t hurt that the attention I get at work when I wear them suggests that the interest in me in heels is shared.

My husband has been a big contributor to my shoe collection, having purchased numerous pairs for me – for use both in and out of the bedroom. If I’m going to torment him to the best of my sexual and seductive abilities, the shoes stay on.

I think the other item I would leave on might just be something that some of you may go “really?” … my wedding rings. My husband has a real kink for the idea of a married woman behaving like the seductress. It’s why in a lot of the photos on my website, you will clearly see my rings – the intent being you are seeing some even more forbidden than just a naked woman, you are seeing someone’s wife in a very sexual way.

I never thought of it from that angle until we got into my website and I started chatting with guys online. There was something really exciting for them about me being married … a touch taboo, some said. Either way, I learned there is quite an appeal for it.

So, heels and wedding rings … what more could a sexy striptease offer than that?
Andee     xoxo

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Come dance for me then, baby.