April 7, 2012

Life | Having It All

I recent read an article that speculated on the whole premise of Sex In The City, and the lead character's pursuit of "having it all." To Carrie Bradshaw that meant a a great relationship, stable and happy kids, a rock-star career, a home to be proud of and a network of friends to rely on.

But is that truly the pursuit of every woman? And do we have less if our standards aren't equal?

The show was meant to be nothing more than entertainment, but unfortunately like many other popular messages in our society, placed unrealistic desires in a lot of viewers. We already have a whole generation of new workers that expect six-digit paycheques for 20-hour work weeks and cocktails at Remi's every night. Our economic society is suffering terribly because of the massive personal debt people have put themselves in with their insatiable greed. And our pop culture icons reinforce the mentality that if you don't possess all the toys and glamour, you are less than successful.

Unfortunately, it's an epidemic with the generation that has been handed everything and been told from the get-go that they are "special" and "deserve" things. Working hard is for the suckers that haven't found the shortcuts. It's a generation truly effed-up by the influence of popular television.

It might be the kind of lifestyle a fictional relationship writer can have on a television program, but having been married to someone who toiled in the media for years - much like the lead character - I can attest there is no magnificent Manhattan apartment at the end of a journalist's paycheque. A fridge box in Central Park is closer to the truth...and cocktail wienies for dinner because you can't afford the whole hot dog ... never mind the cocktail.

It's the nonsense that gives rise to the "role model" status assigned to women like Angelina Jolie, whose biggest talent is wading through international adoption papers while bewitching married actors on her movie sets. Or Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg, who most recently claimed that she left the office every day at 5:30 ... failing to mention how late the lackeys had to stay behind to complete the bulk of the work.

What about a job that matters? What about a life filled with happiness instead of the latest designer dresses and matching killer heels?

I don't live in a $1 million dollar home. Nor do I have designer kids or sip apple martinis after work on Tuesdays. But I do have a realist grasp on having it all. While I don't include them in my blog very often - because this isn't about them - I have great kids. I'm happy with my exceptional normal suburban life, where almost all of our friends have no clue as to what goes on in my private life.

And I have a husband that doesn't just accept my desire for this adventure, but is a willing participant and ardent supporter. And every now and then, I'm blessed when he treats me to a drool-worthy new dress and sexy shoes.

But seriously, when it comes to having it all, it's much better to base that on a level of happiness as opposed to the chrome numbers on the brand plate of an automobile in the driveway.
Andee     xoxo

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Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant