September 13, 2011

Video Blog | Edgy & Spicy or Interesting

Hey there guys, here's another little bit of me talking about relationships. This time I touching on keeping a marriage interesting, and why that is important if you hope to have a successful - and adventurous - experience together.

And, don't forget that I put together a FREE read about how to get your partner to rock your world. It's an eBook looking at some of things I found invaluable in getting my own relationship on the path of some incredible sexual adventures. Just click on the cover, at the top right of my blog home page.

And just because it's Tuesday, there is also another hot and sexy Topless Tuesday post. Only a couple more weeks left in that summertime distraction ... any ideas what you would like to see for the 13 weeks of Fall?
Andee     xoxo

1 comment:

H said...

I love topless tuesdays, can't wait for beaver wednesdays and oral fridays :)