September 5, 2011

Sexting | A Summer Of Wet Panties

I trust everyone is enjoying their holiday Monday…at least it is here. Well, except for me, who is trudging off to Day 5 on the job. And to add to the stress, my major exam that I have mentioned here and there is on Saturday and I have no shame in admitting I am shitting bricks over it.

But, thanks to some delightful distractions here and there, I have managed to keep it together long enough for another Miniskirt Monday for you - and some naughty thoughts.

For anyone who has been following me on Twitter, you know this past summer I have been enjoying some electronic fun with my husband. I guess in short terms, you might say “sexting” but it really has been more than that, as we tend to not really do the cyber so much as we talk about our sexual fantasies…and his habit of daring me to do and share things I wouldn’t normally.

I never thought that work over the summer would have been such an exciting venture; spending a number of days in a state of constant lust and horniness thanks to modern technology.

And the fall looks even more intriguing as my hubby recently updated my phone to something with a whole lot of potential!

At first, I wasn’t sure about the idea of “sexting.” But my uncertainty vanished in about three seconds after I got into it. And the fact that some of my coworkers sneer and scoff at me has made it an even more enjoyable experience. But it’s not that healthy to enjoy their jealousy, I guess.

Anyway, to the point…

I also learned that there is some key etiquette in fooling around electronically - and I’m not talking Tiger Woods here. So, like I do when I am looking to give my sexy guy readers some advice, I turned to some of the places you like to surf in order to help me out.

Here’s what I discovered:

Don’t Sext Someone You Haven’t Sexed
Some people think sexting is a risk because your sexual intentions have now been broadcast - and open to an interpretation you can’t control. Make sure you are playing electronically with someone who shares your sexual desires, or you could end up like that football guy.

Don’t Sext What Your Wouldn’t Say
Technology has allowed us to hide behind the screen. Look at the nasty comments that get left just about anywhere; things you would never say face to face. Sexting is a bit like that, hopefully without the negative though. Can you say to the person what you are writing? It’s great to have the buffer to hide some of the embarrassment or shyness…but don’t sext about, oh, threesomes unless you really have a delicious realistic desire. I’d hate to bring the guy home and have you explain you were just kidding!

No Unsolicited Sexts
I’m on the fence here but I tend to be more open-minded than most. I’m also pretty selective in who gets my phone number. If you have my number, chances are I’m cool with some naughtiness. Keep in mind, I don’t hide it from the guy who I sext with constantly though…But if you get her number, try polite and g-rated flirtations before you graphically plan out a trip to Hedo with her.

Which brings me to …

Sext With Words
OK, I’ve seen penises before: big ones, little ones, hard ones, soft ones. So, if you’re gonna sext, then appeal to my imagination and intellect. Treat sexting like a great romance novel, with an erotic twist. It’s why we buy and read them…and by the way, women who read those novels have sex twice as often as women who don’t. Words make me wet, pictures … not as much as words. Women are funny that way.

Which contrasts …

If you’re gonna sext, at some point you’re gonna send naughty photos to each other. But while close-ups work of her body bits may work for you, women want to see the whole package, not just the penile package. Full body shots to show me your rock-solid abs and bulging biceps, maybe that awesome ass I look at while you walk away; a sexy body is a turn-on…we’ve seen penises really close up already. And we know what they do.

So, there you have it, a bit of advice from someone who has learned the fun and excitement of electronic sex this past summer. I may not be an expert, but I’m a good speller and I have a very dirty imagination!

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Andee     xoxo


Anonymous said...

any man lucky enough to get your phone number should be thrilled with that

anything after is gravy ~ Pete

H said...

Great advice, can I suggest another, if your sexting hold the phone away from your penis, cum and electronics don't mix :)