September 8, 2011

Preview | Naughty Office Fantasy

Hey guys! Still working away here ... in just a couple days I will be immersed in writing my exam, followed on Sunday by the practical component. Can you say "nerves!"

Update 356 - Sexy Office Fantasy
Anyway, I haven't forgotten about the fun stuff in life. I mentioned in some tweets and an earlier blog about introducing a new thing called Fantasy Fridays. My idea involves me taking your imagination through a little expedition of what makes me tick when it comes to sex; what are some of those deep, dark thoughts that I have - and who knows, I might even name names. The really fun thing is, I know there are some thoughts floating around in my head that my husband doesn't even know about yet. And I already share a lot with him!

I'm planning on having this new adventure rolling throughout the fall, just to give you guys some new things to think about! Who knows, maybe it will even help get some of you to leave me some hot and sexy comments ... maybe you might even discover a few of your own fantasies! ;-)

In the meantime, I have a new update coming online tomorrow (hopefully) and I thought it would be a good idea to help get those naughty ideas rolling. So far it looks like my next video will also be an office fantasy theme ... which is good since I have a lot of office fantasies I would like to share with you.

Hope you like it!
Andee     xoxo

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