August 30, 2011

Diversion | My Article For Nipple Charms

Hey guys, I have ventured out into the realm of "writer" beyond my silly little thoughts on here and the occasionally witty comment on Twitter. One of my Twitter friends has her own business selling non-piercing body jewelry, and so I have written an article on some of it for her. Please check it out and visit her store if you get the chance.

After looking around at her site I have decided that I am going to get something to wear for myself ... now I only need to figure out what. As someone who had a pierced nipple, but had to remove the ring, I have had a little moment of sadness every now and then over not having that naughty secret under my bra anymore.

And then there was the really funky sensation when someone would play with it. That was the one thing, if you recall from a previous blog, that really opened the door on my bisexual inclinations!

So, any suggestions? I like the heart-shaped nipple ring.

Here's the start of my piece for her:

One of the great things about our culture right now is that more and more women are finding the confidence and enthusiasm for expressing exactly who they are. And a big part of that is in expressing sensuality and sexuality, whether in the board room or the bedroom.

Take a look around. The hemlines remain above the knee, heels are back in style, and women are loving the chance to feel sexy and be sexy. And when a woman has that confidence to carry herself that way, she also loves the idea of accessories that enhance her look - and even touch on those naughty desires boiling deep inside her.

Accessories are something that allow a woman to explore her individuality, from the simplest bangle to all those hot and sexy things you can't see.

Piercing may not be something for everyone, and depending on which body part is going to be adorned, healing time may be anywhere from a couple weeks to several months. And this is why something sexy like non-piercing nipple jewelry is an excellent choice for keeping something naughty underneath - and hidden until the time is right for the big reveal.

Read the rest here: Nipple Jewelry

Andee     xoxo

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H said...

Personally I am not a big fan of nipple jewerly...... actually I am not a big fan of any body piercings with the exception of earings.

The sexiest jewerly is my pearl necklace :)