January 1, 2011

Touchy Subjects Always Find Me

I kind of forgot how much New Years Day means sports, sports and more sports. Not a bad thing as I'm feeling like it's a good day to snuggle into my comfy chair with a book, a drink and the occasional few moments on my laptop.

I’m not sure why it seems that whenever I’m around certain people, the conversation turns to some of the most charged subjects. For example, at the party we went to last night for New Years, while a collection of great friends - and as previously mentioned, a special couple celebrating an anniversary - the subject of sexual orientation came up.

Now, the catch for me is that the great majority of people in this circle of friends have absolutely no clue about my life as “Andee.” All but that one special couple only know the slighty geeky science girl married to guy who knows music, fashion and entertainment. We're a strange combination of opposites. The women constantly tell me how lucky I am to have a husband who has no issues with lingerie stores, shopping and style. He knows my sizes and my colour preferences. And, selfishly, I know I'm lucky because if he didn’t constantly encourage me, I’m sure my style would be sweats and comfy shirts.

So anyway, about halfway through the evening the conversation turned to homosexuality. Oh boy ... There are only two topics I figure cause more controversy than sexual orientation: politics and religion. It’s also about this time when that husband seems to disappear … leaving me to debate the matter on my own. Without getting too deep into the issue, I just find it … hmm … perplexing that some people still view it as a “choice.”

Wow …

Even more amusing is how some of these guys agree that it is slightly more acceptable for women to like other women.

Bad quality photo of two naughty girls
Of course, being left to debate in this fashion leaves me somewhat amused, exposed and perched precariously on the edge of telling them the truth they don't know about me. Which is exactly the reason my husband gave for bailing on me - he says there's no one better to argue with our less-than-liberal-minded males friends than the woman who has come to terms with bisexuality.

I realize that homosexuality remains one of the last great taboos in our society, but to clinging to age-old arguments in a day and age of over-information is frustrating. Do we make conscious decisions to be heterosexual? No more so than we choose our eye colour, hair colour or race. Sure we can make changes as we go thanks to technology (coloured contacts, hair dye, etc.), but these alterations are vanity things as we try to maintain the “perfect” appearance in an advertising-imposed lifestyle

It’s all very materialistic, not genetic.

The outlet that the Internet has become for me allows me to express my sexuality … and funny enough, was a big part of me being able to uncover, discover and explore my curiosities. I doubt that my lifestyle would be quite the way it is without these discoveries … but my the burning desire within me to taste the kiss of another woman, the passion to feel that orgasm that only another woman can bring to me (and to return the favour) wouldn’t have changed. The Internet just made it easier to explore, and open doors that I would have been far too shy to do in person.

I guess, in these random thoughts, you can say I was more frustrated at not being able to face these male friends and say “Your opinion is far too deep for a girl with many sexual secrets. But, I’ll try to keep it in mind the next time I’m making her moan and cum with my fingers and tongue.”


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Hopeful this New Year we won't have to defend who we are or how we love and hope we establish deep relationships to other people. We all will just be accepted for wanting to be loved and be happy regardless of how or who it is with.

Andee said...

Thanks hun! Yes, I wish we could just be who we are without judgement and be accepted, but sadly our society still has many "taboos" and people that feel it's their business to stick their nose in it.

Snake said...

People put down what they don't understand, and fear . . . In the end, sexual orientation is just one part of the totality of the person . . . Regardless of orientation, we all want the same things . . . To have a fulfilling life, to be safe, happy, etc . . . IGNORE the ignorance . . .