December 24, 2010

A Public Display?

Hey everyone! Only one more sleep until Santa arrives. I promised I would leave you a little something sexier for my last entry before the holiday, so hopefully you will enjoy this one. The idea came from one of the many naughty conversations I have had on the commute these days - but when you're not into politics or economics, there's only so much a couple of girls can amuse themselves with on a train full of stuffy suits (and the occasional hot guy). And my partner in crime is not with me today; she managed to get today off. (Bitch - I can say that she'll never read this!)
Merry Christmas! Love Andee xoxo

Have you ever had sex in an office or other place of work? Had sex in a restroom of a building that was open to the public? 

Sadly no, but it's something I fantasize about. Really, despite what you guys read and see on here, I'm pretty much your average housewife and mom next door. The Internet sure helps me find a little way to let loose and be sexual and free, but really...I lead a pretty dull life. LOL 

I've had sex in an outdoors setting, but I wouldn't describe that as 'public.' The closest I have come to any of that is in our friend's hot tub (yes, they were there too) and with the possibility that their neighbours may have been watching. But I was kind of too busy to notice.

Another time, I lived the 'Vegas' experience, doing it standing up against the window of our hotel room. While the guy was going at me from behind, I had a great view of the strip. I wondered if anyone on the strip could see me pressed against the glass, naked. I love Las Vegas. Not only does it have some fond memories for me, but I love the atmosphere; the 'adultness' of the place and the freedom to be slutty, sexy and outrageous without the fear of being 'caught.' I'm not much of a gambler, so I find a lot more excitement in all the clubs, bars and restaurants there ... a great place to ditch the clothes I wear at home and be stylish the whole day and night! Oh, and the shopping ...

Mmm ... might have to talk my husband into a trip to Sin City soon!

The idea of slipping into a washroom at a really hot night club and dragging some hot guy into a stall and giving him a blow job is a big fantasy of mine. I just have to live it down sometime. I've tempted fate a few times with some "close but no cigar" sexually-charged moments, but never through to completion. Almost always things have led to more private settings for the rest of the act.

In a very cliché sort of way, I've always had that fantasy where I show up at my husbands office in nothing by a pair of high heels and a long trench coat. To everyone else it would look like I was dressed, but really, underneath, I'm totally naked. I walk into his office, close the door behind me and then open up my coat to reveal that I'm naked, except for maybe a pair of black thigh-highs and my stilettos. Very 'film noir.'

Sometimes in my fantasy, he's on the phone, in the middle of something really important and tries to ignore me. I work hard at distracting him, getting down in front of him and unzipping his pants and taking his cock out. Then, while he's stuttering away on the phone, I start to give him the most incredible blow job. My warm moist mouth wrapped around him, while my tongue teases that little spot just on the underside below the head - you guys know where I mean, and it drives you wild.

Other times in my fantasy, we stand together kissing. He slips a hand under my coat and begins to tease my pussy ... eventually slipping a finger into me. Then he bends me over his desk and spreads my legs from behind. Then he drops his pants, and begins to enter me while I'm face down on his desk. Sometimes I fantasize about us getting caught by a co-worker, other times, I leave the same way I came, except with the memory of being with him slowly running down the inside of my thigh as I walk out. 

Sadly, the world my hubby works in these days means a cubicle, and almost all of the offices have glass walls or doors. Of course, that also means I can pretend about the whole being watched part ;-)

I'm thinking of running some sort of commenting contest after Christmas; so if anyone has any ideas please send them my way.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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