April 2, 2013

TMI Tuesday | An Open Book

As you know, I am a voracious reader of just about anything from the ingredient labels for my child's gluten-free food to the classics to the erotic naughtiness of the stuff I occasionally write. The written word is extremely important in conveying a great deal in our lives and taking our imaginations to wonderful places. Which is a big reason why I found this week's Tuesday blog a very intriguing challenge.

And to give credit where credit is due, the idea for this TMI Tuesday was ripped straight from the blog A Reluctant Bitch.
If your life were a book, what would the parts or chapters be titled?
Your book should have at least 5 parts or chapters.

First and foremost, my book would definitely open with an introduction, because that would be a very important way to introduce how complicated and multifaceted my personal plot line actually is. I would like it to be written by someone famous, but I think you might have to settle for something from me ... because I'm just not sure, as gorgeous and fantastic as Jennifer Aniston is, she would be able to capture the reality of who I am.

Chapter One: I am a Sexual Person
Most books begin with a chapter that sets up the main character's quest for an important discovery. Mine would be no different, with the exception that the quest is more of a sexual and philosophical journey as opposed to something material like the Holy Grail or some pirate treasure.Having grown up in a small town in a fairly straight Catholic household, I was lucky to have met someone who opened my eyes - and mind - to how much more fun life can be when you realize sex is meant to be pleasure not just procreation.

Chapter Two: Traded to the Other Team
One of the great discoveries I made in the early stages of my sexual quest was my lust for other women, and that I can explore my curiosities in a non-judgmental way because of how supportive my husband has been in allowing me to be open about it. This chapter takes you from the early stages of me coming to terms - and cumming to my fingers - as I realize that I am bisexual, through to me finding myself between her warm thighs and my tongue working to draw an orgasm from her.

Chapter Three: Adventures in Swinging
Let me take into the inner sanctum of an experiment that I can't say went wrong, can't say isn't wrong for my desires, but somehow just never produced the chemistry I was seeking. Partly tied to my exploring my bisexuality and my desire to try voyeurism/exhibitionism/group sex, it's an honest insight into dispelling some of the myths that so many of us have about "the lifestyle."

Chapter Four: Sit and Watch
I guess as you emerge from the idea of swinging with an unquenched desire for sexual exploration, you at least understand what it is you would like from an extra-curricular sexual encounter. Have we turned our backs on the foursome dynamic of lifestyle clubs and online dating as a couple? This chapter won't provide an answer on that, but it will bring you to a scene where you would get to sit and watch me enjoy one of the most erotic moments of my adult life - just like my husband did.

Chapter Five: The Adventure Continues ... Will The Story
Let me take you into how my imagination works, and how my reality and fantasies are somewhat cloudy and strangely intertwined. Here's the part of the book which features a story about a woman who has the opportunity to experience some of her deepest desires, but battles the truth of not having the pieces all fall into place in order to make it happen. It's a frustrating conclusion - but like all good stories, has the potential for a sequel.

The great thing about books is that they can be fact, fiction, comedy or drama. Mine tends to be all of those, combined with a healthy dose of erotica. But, as I alluded to, the last chapter of my book isn't complete. And frankly, I enjoy having those blank pages at my disposal at this stage in my life.
Andee     xoxo

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A wonderful read Andee. Thank you.