November 13, 2012

TMI Tuesday | Erectile Issues

Movember is in full-swing and in keeping with the theme started last week, here is a set of very fine TMI Tuesday questions from long time blogger and frequent TMI Tuesday question contributor

Now, to be honest, this week isn’t going to provide you with an awful lot of TMI about me, as the questions are very distinctly focused on the male condition. I’ll do my best to offer some insight along the way, but I hope you’re not too disappointed.

Some men who have been treated for Prostate Cancer are unable to get an erection.

1. If they were treated with surgery, the usual reason is nerve damage. They may have success with a penis pump. Question: Have you (or your partner) ever used a pump? Did it work? Was it a turn-on or a turn-off?
No, neither of us have any experience with a penis pump. Bicycle pumps, air mattress pumps, water pumps, a sump pump at an old house and even the occasional fist pumps, but not penis pumps.

2. If they were treated with radiation, the usual reason is damage to blood vessels. They may have good luck with Viagra or one of the other impotence meds. Question: Have you (or your partner) ever used Viagra, Cialis, or similar? Did it work? Any interesting side effects? Any 4-hour erections? Tell us how you made use of that ;-)
 I had exposure to Viagra once…I accidentally inhaled it when I was making a prescription for a dog at an animal pharmacy I worked at way back. Keep in mind, Viagra was actually a cardiac drug with an intriguing side effect before the marketing campaign kicked off.

In my experience, all it did was make me feel a little flushed … and made my nipples stick out for a couple hours. Ok, maybe kidding about the last part of that.

3. Some men may opt for a penile implant. See Do you have experience with a penile implant (as owner or lover-of-owner)? Did it work for you?
No, I do not have any personal experience with penile implants. I’ve had a few penises “implanted” into my various orifices; of which some were artificial penises. I always enjoy those moments. But again, I think that’s a bit different than a man who has to resort to surgery in order to enjoy a sex life.

4. If they were treated with hormone therapy (e.g. Lupron Depot), they may also lose all libido. I can’t think of a good question, but if you have a story, please share.
I don’t really have an appropriate story about libido loss in this case…but maybe someday we’ll talk about the high and lows of libidos in marriages, and how they don’t always intersect.

5. Some men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer change their diet or avoid certain foods. Did you ever change your diet for health reasons? How did it work out? How long did you stay on the diet?
Both times when I was pregnant I had to change my diet, mostly because there were some foods that I just couldn’t eat without feeling nauseous … and some of those today still bring back those sensations. I haven’t really made too many dramatic changes outside of that on a personal level, but I’m dealing with a situation right now where a family member must change their diet due to a food allergy we have discovered – and it totally sucks.

6. The prostate is a sexual organ, and treatment of the prostate changes the sexual experience. A man who has had his prostate removed does not ejaculate at orgasm. How would you react to a total lack of cum?
For me that would take a lot of getting used to.

7. Although removal of the prostate reduces the intensity of orgasm in the pelvic region, some men report orgasmic feelings in other parts of the body, some describing a “whole body orgasm.” How cool is that?
I would hope that for a man who has endured the removal of his prostate that he can find some sexual satisfaction. Unfortunately, working in health care, I have heard far too many stories on the opposite side of the argument – to the point where a couple have expressed regret over the surgery, saying they wished they had opted for alternative treatments.

8. Do you think a man treated for Prostate Cancer deserves a blow job? If yes, please email Virtual Sin aka SinnerMan…
I’ll see if I can’t tickle your inbox ;-)

Andee     xoxo

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