September 22, 2012

What Bad Thing Makes You Appealing

I think I burn an awful lot of mental calories by trying to keep my naughty secret life from blending too much into the façade that is my everyday public life. Well, maybe not so obvious, but few people have any clue what really lurks beneath the surface of their oft-goofy, hockey mom friend. Never mind letting them step inside my imagination for even a minute.

As much as you might think it would be easy, as you know when you have a big secret, it can be a challenge to keep it under wraps. When your secret is rooted in such a deep sexual lifestyle, it can be kind of fun and difficult at the same time. Conversations slowly venture down certain paths, as human nature would have it, and when coworkers and friends open up about past experiences and desires, it’s tempting to let them know just a bit more than they think they might.

So anyway, this might come on the weekend, but I guess in a way it still counts as a Formspring Friday – because that’s when I actually sat down to put some thought to the question.

What bad thing makes you more appealing?

Hmm, there are a few possible avenues to take with this one. When I put my mind to what “bad thing” I have in my life – and we all know the question is referring to the sexual side of me – I think of the one thing that those few who know a lot about me: my naughty secret life is what makes me intriguing.

Actually surprising … then intriguing as the game of 20 questions begins. And then, after that, appealing because they look at me in a different way.

Only a very select few people know about what I get up to on the Internet, and as an extension of that, my sexual interests, kinks and fantasies. The rest of the people in my life have very little idea as to what goes on when I am at home – which isn’t that much different from most. But it’s safe to say, there probably aren’t many that have an amateur porn website and sell videos and panties.

Stepping away from that aspect, I would have to say that my flirty nature would be a close second. While I can’t divulge all the naughty details of my sex life to the people around me, it’s not much of a secret that I tend to be a flirt – especially once I get to know you a bit more. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, I like to flirt equally. Although I do think the guys tend to appreciate it just a little more.

My personal experience has been this – and please, keep in mind that I am sharing my personal experience, not some pseudo-social study – men are more open to flirting with women than women are open to flirting with women. There remains a very strong social taboo about same-sex playfulness, just as there is about same-sex relationships.

Not to mention, around me, the men are more receptive because, to be blunt, the flirting pool is pretty shallow and there’s not a lot of swimmers anyway. So it hasn’t been too difficult to earn my reputation as the one willing to get wet.
Andee     xoxo

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Gemma Jones said...

Personally I have always taken a positive delight in saying things that are unexpected and that make people wonder just what is going on in my head.

I have been told many times in the course of my adventures that while having great physical assets is awesome the thing that often draws people to me is my mind. Which often wonders about the things most people will never speak about.