June 13, 2012

Sex | Reliving The Adventure

As I mentioned yesterday, I couldn't get to all the questions for TMI Tuesday due to the insanity that has been this week. One of the questions that I really wanted to think over - for obvious reasons - was the Bonus Question that had been put out there for everyone by one of my favourite reads, A Husband of Two Sexual Minds.

Is there something you would love to go back and relive in your sexual past?

This is something that my husband and I revisit often in our sex life - the time when my Office Guy joined me for a lunch-hour rendezvous. And while it isn't in the distant past, it is definitely something that fuels a lot of my horny thoughts.

The memory of it usually comes up when my husband and I are in midst of some really hot oral sex - because that is what occurred between my friend and I. We talk about how much fun it would to relive the moment, and maybe take things in a new direction the second time around. And because I know how to get into my partner's sexual kink, it can be delicious torture for him as I describe how and where I would give my Office Guy his next blow job - as I am giving one while I explain my dirty thoughts.

A big part of that fantasy borders so much on a situation that could be real, so it's not hard to take my lover's mind right to the moment. I admit, I do get a devious thrill out of knowing the kind of power it gives me in the moment, but at the same time, it's really the heart of my sexual adventure.

From there, I make him tell me what he liked the most from that afternoon back in March - in very graphic detail - before I finish him off with my mouth. I love hearing my husband share his side of that experience, from describing watching me reach my own orgasm at the tongue and fingers of my friend, to the mind-blowing sex we had after my Office Guy returned to work. It usually makes for some of the hottest oral sex we have; the combination of recent memories, the fantasy of future opportunities and the simple fact that I just love taking a guy into my mouth and bringing him to the ultimate moment of an explosive orgasm. Mmm, yummy.

Ok, time to go think this through again ...
Andee     xoxo

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Jack and Jill said...

Your TMI Tuesday answers were sorely missed, so thank you for taking the time to answer this!