January 30, 2012

Miniskirts | Should There Be An Age Limit

Once again, I had these brilliant ideas as to what I was going to write. Given how the past week was for me, I had a lot of material I could share …

Then I saw this article online about “how old is too old to wear a miniskirt.” I had to stop and immediately change direction – especially since I am the one who brings you Miniskirt Mondays every week. As you can see in a number of my postings to start the week, I have no issue in slipping on something that will enhance the look of my legs, boost my ego and generally serve its purpose as an office distraction.

And let’s be honest here, anytime I see something that might suggest an attack on your favourite fashion piece, I pay close attention.

The article wasn’t being especially critical. Written by a fashion blogger, she was looking more at the idea of whether or not personal style should change as a woman ages. She was pondering, as she celebrated another birthday, as to whether or not it was becoming time to “look her age” and if it was time to hang up the mini.

That kind of bugs me because I think there is nothing wrong with a woman wearing a short skirt if she has the means and confidence to pull it off. And, as insensitive as it is, I do stress the “the means.” Sorry, but there is some judgemental feelings within me when it comes to hems, and I have seen some women that just shouldn’t challenge convention. Kudos to them for bravery though.

Like this particular writer, I too wonder about my fashion choices as I get older. I fully accept that I am no longer 20-years-old…and I am the mother of two children. I try hard not to cause them any embarrassment, but I refuse to go quietly and frock myself in pastel polyester and sensible shoes.

Some things have been relegated to my “tickle trunk;” only to see the light of day when I need something to pose in for all the naughty photos I post on my website. The go-go boots and schoolgirl skirts, which at one time would have been great for clubbing, may spend a bit of time collecting dust. Other trends just never connected with me – belly shirts, uggs or facial piercings.

In a way, I’m lucky as a mother: I don’t have girls. For me, one of the bigger issues in our society is how young girls – even preteens – are presenting themselves in a much more mature sense of fashion than they should. Part of it is pop culture influence, and part of it is compliant parents that have no issue carting these young ladies into clothing stores where the purchase receipt is wider than the skirt is long.

I think the sexualization of young women – those under the age of consent is a more significant issue than a middle aged woman with incredible legs and the confidence to show them off.
Andee     xoxo


H said...

There should not be an age limit, there could be "no sex" limit.

I no longer wear miniskirts = I no longer have any interest in fucking.

my too cents.

Andee said...

LMAO ... that concerns me sweetie. I wear them at least once a week to work if my shift allows for it. I wonder what that suggests?

Anonymous said...

yeah but with you Andee they should be a must wear thing

your legs are so great they should be hidden

and I don't know how the guys at your office get any work done


Anonymous said...

Wow...just wow. You are far too sexy my dear. You must be a whole lotta fun to be around.

1manview said...
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1manview said...

Let your body be the guide. There are some young ladies out there who need not wear a mini-skirt, but then the other day I saw a older long leg lady, who looked great in hers, and she knew it...

Anonymous said...

Lofty bye, sweet soul mate :)