December 14, 2010

Let's Be Lewd Too

Kudos to actress Natalie Portman for coming out in defense of our right to childish, gross and lewd humour! In the January edition of Vogue magazine, she explains that she believes women enjoy “lewd” humour just as much as guys.  

After doing some pretty serious roles in her past few movies, Natalie has decided she wants to jump into something mindless – like The Hangover – for her next film.

I say it’s about time that we all came out of the closet on this. Why can’t we find fart jokes funny too? Belch loudly in public and the giggle like a child? Why can’t we be free to make “dumb guy” jokes – especially the blondes among us? Some good old slap-stick … and let’s snort at anything sick!

I say “Go girl!” Give us some funny movies with a token well-hung hunk that serves no plot-line purpose other than eye-candy. We need a film or two where we can treat our soon-to-be-married friend like shit, cheat on our partner without consequence and throat-punch some cow who gets in our way! I would love to see a movie where women could do all this without having to bear the title “bitch,” “devil” or “mean girl.”

And I’ll add to that – we should be free to openly share “penis size” humour every time we are subjected to a boob comment, without fear of reprisal or a with-holding of sexual relations because the guy is upset and “always takes it so personally” when we joke it is too small, tell our friends how much we save on laundry soap because the underwear cycle “doesn’t need much” or chuckle with the girls in front of the guy that “more than a mouthful is a waste …”

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H said...

I am with you all the way, I am secure enough not to get upset about penis size, I think you visited my site (a comment would be nice :) I throw it all out there.

Beside anything I get to hear a woman say penis or cock (humor or not) I like it.